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Enhancing Capabilities to Grow Asset Management Solutions

Investing for the future has always been a key driver to achieving greater success and security in life. But how do investors get their money to work harder without having to work hard themselves?

Through smart asset management like fixed income, unit trusts, equities and more, investors can look forward to maximising their returns while minimising risks on their investments. Today, in the era of globalization and greater liberalization of guidelines as well as the advent of internet and financial technology, investment opportunities are abound. Whether it is diverse, consistent, dynamic or innovative funds, investors always seek out trusted and credible financial institutions for their investments.

This paradigm shift of industry dynamics demands greater attention, agility and adaptability for asset managers to overcome challenges and seize opportunities, from changes in business models, client relationships, distribution to investment capabilities, and other operational processes.

In this respect, Maybank Asset Management Group (MAMG) has mapped out a clear 2020 vision that will enhance its capabilities to achieving greater growth in asset management solutions, and positioning itself towards being Asia’s preferred powerhouse in providing investment solutions.

It is most befitting, looking at Malaysia’s asset management industry which has charted a tremendous growth, totalling RM667.88 billion as at 31 December 2015, as reported by the Securities Commission Malaysia. These include equities, fixed income securities, money market placements, unit trust funds, private equities and others.

Setting the pace

Nor’Azamin bin Salleh, group chief executive officer of the Maybank Asset Management Group has aspiration for MAMG to eventually become the preferred asset management solution provider in Asia. Thus, it will create the key foundation to enter into global reciprocal partnerships that will entice global clients such as pension and sovereign wealth funds.

Clients will also have more diverse options in financial solutions. But the challenge here is how does MAMG set itself apart from the increasing competition to deliver clients’ needs?

“We focus on service excellence and long-term, holistic advice,” Azamin reiterates as he speaks about MAMG’s qualified and experienced group of fund managers in giving personalised attention to each client’s risk profile, investment objectives and consistent superior performance.

“We will always engage clients in managing their expectations which can be fairly dynamic in certain market cycles,” he adds.

Three-prong strategy

MAMG’s 2020 vision takes heed of Malaysia’s Economic Transformation Program (ETP) which aspires to become a vibrant, regional asset management hub in which ETP targets total assets under management (AUM) of RM1.6 trillion by 2020.

And to support this goal, these three key strategies will be adopted:

  1. Retain and grow its client base across traditional assets (Equities, fixed income, money market)
  2. Grow its alternative business (private equity and specialised funds)
  3. Expand the capacity and capability in providing investment solutions via strategic partnerships with leading investment firms in North Asia, Middle East and also the developed countries.

Investors can look forward to an exciting first half of 2016 as they can now invest in some key funds from a trusted and reliable financial institution like MAMG. These include:0

  • Maybank Bosera Greater China ASEAN Equity-I Fund (registered and distributed in Singapore)
  • Akshayam Asia Fund (managed in Singapore and registered in Dublin)
  • and Maybank Bluewaterz Total Return Bond Fund (managed in Singapore and registered in Dublin)

More new fund offerings are being planned including a collaboration with Hastings Asset Management in Australia for an infrastructure fund, to be distributed in Malaysia, Australia and Europe.

A changing landscape

New trends have emerged to change the landscape of asset management in Asia. Among them are asset management to be more prominent in capital raising and deployment; alternatives like private equity, real estate and infrastructure to be part of mainstream investment classes; fee models are being transformed; domination of regional and global distribution platforms; and emergence of a new breed of global players as the industry advances with technology.

MAMG recognises these trends and sets itself to be a game-changer in its 2020 plan. It has established offices in key markets and has local and foreign mandates with pension and sovereign wealth clients. MAMG offers traditional private equity fund and an absolute return fund now which will give consistent returns amid challenging economic conditions. It also operates off a single platform at the front end while outsourcing its back-office operations.

Plans are underway to secure more partners and forging mutual arrangements with foreign firms to promote the regionalisation of investment flows. A more diverse product range is in the plan, such as infrastructure, credit/financing and real estate.

In short, MAMG with its strategic intent to enhance its investment capabilities with on-the-ground market intelligence and expertise as well as expanding its regional distribution capabilities to market products cross-border is well poised to becoming the next preferred Asia investment solution provider.

The Maybank Asset Management Group is backed by one of the largest banks in the ASEAN region. It is also one of the pioneers in the local asset management industry with over 30 years of experience specialising in Asian markets. Today, MAMG has RM15.9 billion in total asset under management (56% conventional and 44% Shariah-compliant) catering to all types of investors including corporate and institutions, high net-worth individuals and mass retail.

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