Tag: Dematic Ups Its Presence And Investment In The Region

Dematic Ups Its Presence And Investment In The Region

How do apparel companies with high volumes of orders move its shipments across continents?

Likewise, how do home furniture establishments keep up with the increasing consumer demands whilst driving cost efficiencies in terms of storage and handling?

With an integrated automated supply chain powered by comprehensive real-time technology, material handling has become more flexible, responsive, and agile to deliver goods to consumers on demand.

Glen Borg, CEO of Dematic ASEAN/ANZ, speaking in Kuala Lumpur at the recent Bloomberg TV Malaysia Breakfast Series, addresses the needs of companies to take advantage of its innovative material handling systems.

“Dematic has a strong understanding of the industry trends and drivers in Asia Pacific that require companies to adapt and invest in material handling systems in order to remain competitive, particularly in the face of ever-increasing consumer demands, and the rising Asian middle class’ desire for high-quality food and customer service levels,” he says.

According to the Future Market Insights 2014-2020 report, the global material handling market is dominated by the Asia Pacific region which is estimated at 30-40% of the global market value.

Capitalizing on such opportunities, Dematic has stepped up its efforts to expand its network in Asia Pacific with a new office in Thailand and investing in even greater human capital across the region.

Borg adds, “Dematic established a presence in ASEAN in 1971, opening our first office in Singapore in 1986. Due to our track record of success and a growing demand in the region, we have since expanded into Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, and recently Thailand.”

As one of the world’s leading material handling and logistics solution providers, Dematic sees the necessity to invest further and boost its integrated automated technology, software, and services to optimize the supply chain for the benefit of its customers. In fact, material handling has gone beyond improving customer service, reducing inventory, shortening delivery time, and lowering overall handling costs in manufacturing, distribution, and transportation.

The global material handling market is expected to grow at a CAGR between 3-6% from 2014-2020, and Asia Pacific is poised to continue its dominance in global material handling market, according to the Future Market Insights report.

In this respect, Borg concludes, “Dematic is committed to leveraging its global expertise and local presence to continue its investment and expansion in ASEAN.”