8 Types Of Flooring Ideas For Your Next Home Makeover

Floors are very important aspects in the home that can influence many things. For example, some types of flooring aren’t suitable to be used for different rooms of the house. Thus, choosing the right type of flooring is key to making sure you have a comfortable home. Here are some great ideas for your next home transformation.

1. Hardwood Flooring

This highly versatile flooring is suitable for both modern and classic homes. It is also durable and practical, while adding a touch of warmth to your home, making it look more homey. But hardwood floors can warp, so make sure to wipe up liquid spills quick.


2. Stone Floors

Stones are organic materials and exude a certain natural beauty. There are several different types of stones to choose from such as marble, granite or onyx, and they all have their very own timeless elegance. Besides, they are also cooling, extremely durable and easy to upkeep.


3. Ceramic Tiles

This is one of the most common types found in homes because of its practicality and long life span. Tiles also comes in a vast variety of colours and patterns, so you can mix and match to create the perfect style for your home.


4. Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is made of linseed oil, cork, limestone, wood flour and tree resins, and is increasing in popularity thanks to its low maintenance feature and durability. Just like tiles, you can find it in all sorts of colours and designs.


5. Concrete Flooring

You may be thinking that concrete is more suitable for outdoors usage but that’s where you’re mistaken. In fact, concrete works well inside the home too, especially when it can now be customised with various colours and textures according to your preference. Make sure to keep it properly sealed!


6. Cork Floors

Did you know that cork floors are actually eco-friendly and easy to install? It not only feels comfortable and reduces noise but is extremely resilient and can be used for most rooms in the house.


7. Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is essentially a type of grass, so harvesting bamboo to be made into floors are actually eco-friendly because they grow back really fast. It has most of the same qualities as a hardwood floor but is more resistant to water damage, especially if you treat if with a protective finish.


8. Laminate Floors

If you are on a budget and cannot afford the higher end floorings but still want to get the look that you have always dreamed of, then laminate floors are perfect for you. Laminate floors can be customised to mimic styles such as marble, tile and hardwood that inevitably will be more expensive.


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12 Beautiful Natural Designs Of Japanese Style Home Concept

The dining area doubles as a tea room and work space, clothed by a natural fiber rug and accompanied by an easy desk and chair. Grand curtains reach from the ceiling to floor, draping perpendicular to the stone wall and relaxing the overall look. Technology isn’t abandoned in the name of escape as a home theatre features well in this home, incorporating matching modest greys and straight lines for comfort for the body, mind, and eyes.

The bedrooms a peaceful retreat with calm, cool tones and lighting. The natural and organic concept continues still, seen in the wooden headboard, night tables, and linen drapes. A large stone rock sits untouched outside the window, providing privacy and safety for a view.

The same memorable stone wall extends upstairs to a large, wooden bar area, on the right of the landing that also acts as storage space. Bowled sinks sit atop stone counters that rest on wooden cabinets that also serve as organizational tools; providing clean functionality as needed in a smart bathroom. The shower is right beside it. Another bathroom exists as a see-through ensuite, uniquely walled by glass and containing a step-down bath.

An unassuming wall that separates the master bedroom from the second bedroom cleverly doubles as a wardrobe, in line with the secluded and private theme strongly prevalent throughout this wonderfully organic and rejuvenating retreat into pure nature.



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10 Best Materials In Choosing Your Perfect Kitchen Countertop

When outfitting your kitchen, it is imperative that you choose a suitable material for your kitchen countertop. This is because choosing the right one will save you much trouble and hassle in the future. And with the right materials, you can ensure that your counter will match the decor and style of your kitchen.

1. Granite Countertops

Granite is still a popular choice with homeowners for its unique patterns and durability in the kitchen. While it may require a bit more care to keep its polished good looks, it is relatively easy as you just need to make sure that you wipe up spills quickly and maintain a regular sealing routine every year to keep its shine as good as new.


2. Quartz Countertops

Also known as engineered stone, quartz material is the best choice for homeowners who like a maintenance free countertop. Unlike granite, it doesn’t require annual sealing to keep it looking shiny and it’s available in a huge range of colours. However, using this material in your kitchen can cost some damage to your wallet but it is a worthwhile investment.


3. Wooden Countertops

Generally, rustic kitchens like to make use of wood for their kitchens, including the food prep surfaces. You just need to ensure that it is properly sealed and even cutting meat on top of it is sanitary. This pocket-friendly option looks warm and inviting while having the added benefit of being highly heat resistant.


4. Marble Countertops

This material is perfect for those looking to transform their kitchen into a luxurious, high-end space. This elegant material can cause your wallet to take quite a hit, but it is worth it for that gorgeous kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Just remember to upkeep its sealing routine and mop up messes quickly to keep it looking awesome.


5. Stainless Steel Countertops

You may be thinking that stainless steel can make the kitchen look rather cold and harsh, but it goes perfectly well with an industrial style kitchen. Stainless steel is one of the hygienic materials and is suitable for food prep. Stains can also be easily cleaned by wiping it off.


6. Glass Counters

Glass creates an overall look of sleekness and modernity, thanks to its streamlined appeal which can make your kitchen look really contemporary. Similar to stainless steel, this material is non-porous and comes in many colours and sizes so you have a wide range to choose from.


7. Concrete Counters

Highly durable and able to withstand heat well, concrete is also a wise choice for your kitchen countertops. But to keep them stain-free, regular sealing must be done to keep them in pristine condition.


8. Soapstone Countertops

While soapstone is known to be rather soft and pliable, it is surprisingly resistant to stains and heat, two factors which are very important in the kitchen. And this material doesn’t require regular sealing unlike some others, but you will find that applying mineral oil on its surface helps to reduce scratches and add sheen.


9. Tile Countertops

If you are feeling handy and want to save on labour cost, then having a tiled countertop is the way to go. It is also inexpensive and comes in a vast variety of styles to choose from. But be warned though, you should probably choose a dark coloured to disguise any stains.


10. Copper Countertops

This is a slightly unusual material to use for a kitchen counter, as this metal is considered to be a “living material”, which means the colour and sheen will change over time. On the other hand, copper is said to be naturally antimicrobial and is the best material to use if you want a truly lived in kitchen that bears witness to all your culinary experiments.


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14 Inspiring Showcase Of Minimalistic Living Concept In Fujian

This living concept that stretches beyond usual expectations is located in Fujian, China. Natural materials like cane and wood, along with subdued hues completely compose the house, extending this theme even to its exteriors from the foliage courtyard and pavement of matrix squares to the towering stone-walled living room that looks over it all. Time slows down and seems to stand still in this house, and one becomes completely enveloped in tranquillity.

A staircase of simple wooden steps minds the stone walls of the living and dining areas below it, quietly welcoming the daily sunlight; facilitated by the handsomely spacious wall-to-ceiling windows.

On the ground floor, a rectangle khaki rug laid over perfect stone tiles enhances the muted but attractive furniture and carefully chosen textiles. The iconic stone wall extends two stories, blending harmoniously with the collection of diverse wood textures observable throughout the abode. Unassuming décor characterises this house, with unclear lines of where the outdoors and indoors end and begin, exemplified in the seemingly effortless and rustic table concepts. Minimalistic in every way, with familiar and similar patterns used throughout the house, demonstrated in the design of the pavement stones and windows.




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10 Amazing Living Room Designs with Exposed Brick Walls

One very exciting living room design trend that’s making a comeback in recent years is: exposed brick walls. Grunge is in again, and it’s a look that will sure impress your guests.

1. The Classic Vintage Look

Nothing says ‘vintage’ better than leather (or faux leather) and wood. It may be classic, but it never gets old.


2. Brick Wall with Fireplace

Sure, you don’t really need a fireplace in the tropics but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one in your living room. Stack up some logs in the hearth and you’ll have the perfect conversation starter.


3. Throwback to the 70’s

You’d be surprised how well an exposed brick wall could fit into a 70’s design aesthetic. Slip a throw rug under that funky furniture to complete the look.


4. Glossy Black

Use contrast to your advantage. Complement a clean and polished design with just a touch of exposed brick. Don’t overdo it though – balance is key.


5. Spice Up that Corner

Sometimes you have an extra corner in your living room and don’t know what to do with it. You know what to do: brick it! You don’t even need the entire wall, but just enough to make it interesting.Source

6. Go All the Way

Do you even need paint? How about going all the way with fully exposed brick walls? Not a look everyone can pull off, but it’s worth it when you do.


7. Beautiful Soothing Lines

There’s something soothing about straight lines and grids. Pair some beautiful brickwork with a striped floor and it’s geometric heaven for your eyes.


8. Whitewashed Brick Walls

Multicoloured red bricks don’t always match the furniture. Whitewashing adds some uniformity while also retaining the character of the brick design.


9. The Faded Look

Don’t shy away from the faded brick wall look. When used properly, it adds character to your interior.Source

10. Make it Your Own

In the end, it’s your living room. So don’t be afraid to go crazy if you want to (or not).


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Berloni’s B50 and BRERA kitchens are set to take modern kitchens to the next level

Beautiful yet different in their own unique ways, Berloni’s latest kitchen models, the B50 and BRERA designed by Studio Telemaco feature all the hallmarks of the Italian kitchen brand. In these models, contemporary minimalism and the concept of “kitchen without handles” take the lead, offering design aficionados a look at what the future of kitchens would be.


Inspired by the 50th anniversary celebration of Berloni’s foundation, B50 offers innovative and accomplishments that have become part of Berloni’s trademark over the decades, including the brand’s “container” model and minimalist “kitchen without handles” concept.

Hollow and flat hand grips are utilised to manoeuvre around this kitchen’s sleek 22-milimetre cabinet doors. These hand grips feature a chrome finish, and consumers with different tastes can also opt for a lacquered and veneered finishing. For its lower basket area, an exception to the “no handles” theme is available: you may attach a small handle to this area should you wish to do so.

This kitchen’s side panels, ceilings, bottoms and shelves are constructed with 18-milimetre water-repellent P3 (V100), a variant of wooden melamine particles. Set in a melamine white hue, it comprises a minimal content of formaldehyde and abides by the international environmental constraints set by the FSC. The front aspects of its structures utilise polyurethane glue and one-millimetre ABS edges.

Embellished with various updates for the modern era, the influence of Berloni’s sleek design heritage is still prominently evident in every space – providing the brand’s enthusiasts with a modern classic to cherish.


If you prefer a touch of chirpy wood-based elegance to your sophisticated kitchen, the BRERA could be the model for you. It draws its inspiration from the artistic beauty and sunny disposition of youthful lifestyles.

These kitchens feature a contemporary style with mono-lacquered and ennobled doors in wood finishing. It also offers a refreshing alternative to the B50’s design combination of melamine and mono-lacquered influences.

One of this model’s prominent characteristics is its 22-milimetre cabinet doors, which allow for easy handling, even without incorporating handles or hand grips into its design. Its panels, ceilings, bottoms and shelves are crafted with the same materials as the B50, which are the 18-milimetre water-repellent P3 (V100) wooden melamine particles.

The front aspects of its structures also feature polyurethane glue and one-milimetre ABS edges. For this model’s overlapping side panels, customers can also select wooden melamine doors with a lacquered, glossy infill sheet for the door colours.

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8 Ways to Make Raya a Fabulous One with Midea

Make this year’s Raya a memorable one with a spic and span home, clean and bright outfits, plenty of good food, and a cosy living space. Check out these fantastic new product ideas from Midea to help you make it all possible!

Whether it’s before Raya, during or after the festive celebrations, there’s usually a lot to clean up at home. Good news is Midea’s new range of cordless vacuum cleaners will help you make it less of a tedious chore. This cordless vacuum is not only sleek and simple to use, it also features variable power control as well as a 2-in-1 design that comes with a rechargeable stick. A user-friendly tool, this vacuum is also tremendously flexible, allowing you to tilt it vertically or horizontally so that you can easily clean hard to reach corners.

How about cooking Raya dishes differently this year by using a pressure cooker? Midea’s new range of Pressure Cookers are not only safe and easy to use, they also come with 8 menu presets so you can cook up a variety Buka Puasa meals in the simplest way possible. This trendy pressure cooker also has a 1.8mm non-stick inner pot, temperature control protection and options to control the pressure.

Make healthy eating a priority this Raya. This means lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. To keep them fresher for longer, it’s essential to have an efficient refrigerator. Midea’s range of Double Door Refrigerators not only offer good air flow and circulation within its different compartments, they also come with the R134a refrigerant. Consider also getting Midea’s new range of Chest Freezers if you need more space to store frozen produce. These chest freezers are designed with a built-in sliding glass door and cover for improved insulation.

When it comes to the most important food during Raya, rice takes the top spot. Designed to make sure rice is wellcooked, Midea’s latest Conventional Rice Cookers feature an aluminium inner pot and stainless lid with two colours (blue and red) to choose from. If you want something really small and portable, there’s also Midea’s Mini Jar Rice Cookers which come with cook and keep warm functions. Just perfect when you want to warm up a ketupat or two!

If a homecooked festive feast is on your Raya agenda, you’d need plenty of help in the kitchen. Midea’s new series of hobs and built-in ovens would definitely help make cooking a breeze. Made from stainless steel and tempered glass, the new Chimney Hood comes with a charcoal filter and a durable duct out and recirculation system. Cleaning it is easy because this hood has a washable 5-layer grease filter as well. For easy grilling and baking you would love Midea’s new Built-In Oven which features 3D convection and 9 cooking functions with rotisserie. The oven is also energy saving and comes with a stylish stainless steel body and black glass door.

Give your new Raya outfits a thorough wash with Midea’s latest Vandelo Auto Dispensing Washing Machines. Featuring an auto detergent dispenser which helps you to add the right amount of soap, this new washing machine range also offers the Magic Cube function which comes with an impeller that produces reciprocating flow to accelerate clothing flip and wash evenly. Washing your laundry is also made easier with its One Touch Wash function which measures laundry weight and water level.  Along with its DDM Inverter to ensure greater durability and lower noise level as well as other innovative functions, you can expect clean and bright Raya clothing all the way!

Raya cookie making gets that much easier when you have Midea’s new Hand Mixers to help you mix your batter to your preferred consistency. Featuring 6 speeds with a turbo button, this hand mixer also comes with a special bowl rest to prevent dripping. Each mixer comprises a set of SUS 304 Stainless Steel beater along with useful accessories including SUS 304 hooks, whisk and cord wrap storage.

Want to make sure that your guests are kept comfortably cool during the festive season’s hot and humid weather? Midea’s fans ranging from ceiling, wall, table and stand fans may just be what you need. If you need something that cools you off quicker, a Midea Air Cooler can help to bring down the temperature faster with natural wind. This new range of coolers features excellent air flow, a thicker filter, a 10L water tank and two ice boxes.

Log on to Midea’s Facebook page for recipes and tips on using your Midea appliances! 

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Beautiful kitchens are made a reality by Beaufix Enterprises’ exquisite range of cutting edge kitchen appliances, kitchen storage and home fittings

When it comes to quality home fittings such as sliding doors and wardrobe systems, as well as kitchen appliances and storage, home owners and interior designers can rely on experienced importer and distributor, Beaufix Enterprises, to provide them with only the finest and latest products. Established in 1978, Beaufix Enterprises has grown to become a reputable collaborator in the Malaysian interior design and home solution industries – serving as the sole distributor for various prestigious brands from Europe and beyond.

Italian stainless steel sinks and kitchen appliances manufacturer, FOSTER, is among the global brands that Beaufix Enterprises imports and distributes. Headquartered in the historical Terranova Palace in Brescello, Italy, every product that these Italian experts produce is handcrafted and customised with an eye for detail according to their customers’ preferences. This Italian brand’s meticulous spirit and artistry have won their products several awards and nominations, including a special mention at the ADI “Golden Compass”, The Pulchra Award’s “The 100 Most Beautiful Things In the World” and the 2015 Reddot award.

Beaufix Enterprises is also the sole distributor for GRASS, a German furniture fittings manufacturer formed over 65 years ago. For consumers who appreciate the German work ethics of disciplined efficiency and every-growing classy tastes, GRASS’ range of products would suit their preferences and requirements.

Another brand known for its culture’s work efficiency is Swiss manufacturer, Peka, which features products that are distributed by Beaufix Enterprises. Since starting out 50 years ago, the brand’s meticulously crafted fittings are known for their user-friendly and space-saving qualities.

Other prominent brands that Beaufix Enterprises features are Raumplus, a manufacturer of quality doors, room dividers as well as cupboard and interior systems; Glem Gas, an Italian cooking appliances specialist with over 55 years of experience in this industry; and ITALIANA FERRAMENTA, a reputable Italian manufacturer of quality accessories and ironmongery for the furniture industry. Other distinguished European manufacturers that Beaufix Enterprises collaborates with are Schwinn and Koblenz.

With the assortment of brands that Beaufix Enterprises imports – combined with its vast Malaysian network of offices and distribution channels in Selangor, Penang, Kuantan and Muar – homeowners across the nation may easily access and select the interior fittings and kitchen furnishing that best reflect their lifestyles and tastes.

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