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CH Icons – Simon Kang, the Managing Director of Suriwong shares his secrets of success

Charisma. That’s what Simon Kang, the Managing Director of Suriwong emphasizes when it comes to the vital quality needed to achieve business success. According to Simon, it is a quality built on persistence, hard work and trust that Suriwong attains when it comes to dealing with its business collaborators – building a relationship that enables the company to distribute and supply internationally renowned building materials throughout Malaysia, with further plans of an expansion to our neighbouring country, Singapore, and beyond.

With Simon’s brand of charismatic entrepreneurial skills, Suriwong has come a long way since starting out as a hardware shop in Alor Setar, Kedah in 2002. This business entity now consists of a headquarters and two warehouses with branches nationwide. When asked about the origins of the Suriwong name, Simon mentions that the company’s name is of Thai origins with positive connotations. As a northern “Kedahan”, whose state borders Thailand, it is of no surprise that this entrepreneur has selected a brand that is both exotic and exciting sounding. It would soon grow to become one of the most recognisable names in the building industry.

Ever friendly, Simon walks through his Shah Alam warehouse to his office for a late evening interview with Creative Home, greeting employees who have just completed a day’s work. There is a majestic order to the supplies and goods stored at the warehouse – with the seemingly countless array of products arranged in a tidy manner. Brown bricks adorn the walls, adding vintage charm to the set-up.


Suriwong has a distribution partnership with Texan brand, Wilsonart, which specialises in High Pressure Laminates, Quartz, Solid Surface and other engineered surfaces utilised in furniture, office and retail space. TPI, another Suriwong partner whose products Suriwong distributes, is an eco-friendly wood substitution that is suitable for flooring, cladding, ceiling and panelling.

There is also EQUITONE, a brand established in the 1950s that produces thorough-coloured facade materials that are designed by architects. It has found a popular following among its architectural counterparts. Other reputable Suriwong collaborators include Arborite, Gardner, Haro and Solex. These brands are frequently used by the building industry.


To secure business partnerships with these distinguished brands, Simon reiterates his motto: charisma – with persistence, hard work and the intention to build trustworthy relationships with his collaborators. “You just have to do it,” he added with a chuckle.


The Suriwong Managing Director’s persistent attitude is also evident as he ensures that the company mainly liaises with partners that possess an environmental-friendly track record. For instance, TPI is an eco-friendly wood substitution brand that has been certified eco-friendly and its materials can be used for usually wood-based construction.

“Yes, we collaborate with brands that possess various eco-friendly and green product certifications. Some of the prices for these materials may be slightly higher than a basic base-grade product, but we are looking at the sustainability of these materials in the long term,” Simon said. “When low-grade products are used, they may not last long. You’d have to dispose them within a year or a short period of time, hence adding to the world’s waste disposable dilemma. But with quality environment-friendly products, these materials tend to last longer.”

Simon has also earned an array of awards, such as the 2014 Fast Moving Company accolade for the SME 100 Awards, recognition in Retail Excellence at the 2016 Sin Chew Business Excellence Award, a spot among the 30 Semi Finalists at the 2016 JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award, and a Building Supply Excellence Award during the 2017 McMillan Woods Global Awards ceremony.

According to Simon, the awards have definitely increased the reputation of Suriwong. Even through the current economic slowdown, Simon and his team continue to persevere – delivering profits year after year.

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11 Fantastic Coffee Table Design To Personalize Your Living Room

A coffee table in the living room is often a practical and stylish option, whether you want an extra space to put your drinks or just a place to prop your feet and place your photo albums. Here are some stylish ideas to get you inspired.

1. Round Stone Table

Having a stone table doesn’t always have to burn a hole in your pocket. A thrifty way of having a stone-topped stunner is to place a remaining slab of granite, marble or whatever you want on top of a matching round table to instantly transform your ordinary coffee table into a luxurious one.


2. Clear Glass Coffee Table

Add a modern twist to the clear glass table by getting one with an interesting base so that it won’t look too boring. Clear glass tables also helps to make the room look more relaxed and airy.


3. Carved Wood Table

The detailed carving on a wooden table adds some character to your room while the wood element gives some warmth to the living room. Keep the other furnishings relatively simple so that the attention is focused on your intricate table.


4. Unusual Wire Table

Getting a quirky table made of wire makes the place look more lively and fun, especially if the rest of your decor is more formal. Keeping the top simple with just a piece of glass makes it look more chic as well.


5. Tiered Coffee Table

Coffee tables comes in many shapes and sizes, and we think that this tiered coffee table is perfect for modern and vintage homes. Not only does it look elegant, it allows you more space to put your things.


6. Heirloom Trunk Table

Using a heirloom trunk as a coffee table is actually a really great idea, because that way, you get to use the interior as storage and the top as a table. It also makes your room look really special and unique.


7. Cocktail Table

If you like the idea of reusing old furniture, then repurposing an old cocktail table to be made into a coffee table will suit really well as it is long enough and looks stylish at the same time. It looks retro chic at the same time too!


8. Shining Loop Table

If you love glam things up especially in your home, then this glimmering table is just right for you. Designed in a loop, the reflective surfaces bring that much-needed bling factor to dress up your living room.


9. Trendy Steel Tables

Sometimes two is really better than one, as evidenced by this set of sophisticated and sculpted coffee tables. The contemporary steel tables makes the room look much more chic and trendy.


10. Floating Table

The clever structure of this contemporary coffee table makes it look as if the glass top is floating. The shiny brass pillars acts as connectors and instantly elevates the stylishness of your living room.


11. Modern Wooden Table

A wooden table can still have the sleek and clean lines that distinguish it from other styles and make it look contemporary. The simple design of this wooden table will certainly complete the look of your modern living room.



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With the new Hitachi Ultra-Stream Wash washing machines, you can enjoy a high-performance wash for up to 24kg of laundry

Doing your laundry gets even easier and more efficient with the new Hitachi Ultra-Stream Wash series of washing machines. This range can handle a load capacity of up to 24kg by utilising its latest Ultra-Stream Wash technology.

LARGER LOADSWith a washing machine from this series, you can conveniently wash large, bulky items that are usually difficult to wash at home, such as curtains and bedding. Additionally, you can also launder an estimated 120 shirts in one wash, ensuring you won’t have to do the family laundry often. This washing machine can also wash a king-size comforter! The tubs for Hitachi’s new models are 616mm wide, making it easier to put in and remove your fabrics.

By utilising its latest Ultra-Stream Wash technology, this range of washing machines can handle a load capacity of up to 24kg, and it consists of the SF-180XWV (18kg wash load capacity), SF-200XWV (20kg) and SF-240XWV (24kg) models. These variants enable the large-volume, circulating showers that are equipped in the Hitachi washing machines to give your laundry a thorough and clean wash.

Each washing machine features a pulsator with large blades on its surface – ensuring that the detergent-rich water thoroughly penetrates the clothes during every wash. Unlike its conventional pulsators which are only 22mm thick, Hitachi’s new range utilises an Ultra-Stream Wing that is 55mm thick. This pulsator produces a powerful water circulation within the washing machine while reducing its water consumption. A strong, wide flow of water falls on the entire surface of your clothes in a shower, providing a thorough penetration, the efficient removal of dirt, and effective rinsing for a clean, fresh wash.

The Hitachi 4-Step Wash technology ensures that its concentrated detergent will remove even the most stubborn stains on your clothes. First, it dissolves the detergent. As the water increases, the condensed detergent solution penetrates your clothing fabric. Soon, its detergent comes into complete contact with the clothes’ surface. Once the solution attains “The Normal Water Level”, it eliminates the stubborn dirt on your fabrics.

This feature takes advantage of the washing machines’ rotating tubs to clean hard-to-reach areas, where sebum, detergent residue, bacteria and mold spores accumulate. The Auto Self Clean is only required to be turned on once and it will automatically clean your washing machine everytime you use it. A shower of clean water cleans both the inner stainless steel tub and outer plastic tub as well as below the pulsator. The stainless steel tub and pulsator rotate accordingly to effectively remove bacteria, dirt and excessive detergent during every wash without you even noticing. This “Hero in Disguise” feature will rid you of your worries by ensuring a clean washing machine everytime you use it. It is only fair to expect clean clothes from a clean washing machine.

Additional functions such as the 3-Step Eco Sensor, Water Power Control, Shower Plus, Memory Option, Tangle-Free Finish, 11 Programs option, Delay Timer, Auto Restart and Auto Power Off are vital in providing consumers with a hassle-free as well as water and time-saving laundry experience.

Check out Hitachi’s other powerful washing machines here. 

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14 Gorgeous Wardrobe Ideas Which You Will Drool Upon

We all have clothes that we need to wear daily, and it doesn’t matter if you are a fashionista with tons of apparels or have a minimalist approach to clothes. All of us need at least one wardrobe in the house to make sure our attire is stored neatly and is easy to find when we need an outfit. So here are some awesome ideas for your to get started.

1. Mirrored Wardrobe

Mirrors are well-known for their light reflecting properties, and are suited for smaller bedrooms as it makes the room look bigger. In addition, the mirrors on the wardrobe allows more space for you to primp and preen when trying on your outfit of the day.


2. French Armoire

An elegant addition to the bedroom, you can proudly display an armoire in your room and immediately transform your room into a classy space. Antique armoires works well too, but just make sure it suits your needs.


3. Traditional Wooden Wardrobe

It’s really easy to inject some warmth into a bedroom, all you have to do is incorporate a wooden wardrobe into the decor. The mirror feature also allows light to bounce into the room and makes it look much more spacious.


4. Open Wardrobe

This type of wardrobe is perfect for studio or open plan apartments, because it can be easily fitted into any awkward nooks and crannies you have. And if you think that it looks unsightly, just hang some complementary curtains in front to conceal it from prying eyes.


5. Wire System Wardrobe

If you are pinching pennies, then this simple and functional wardrobe will work wonders. It is easily customisable and can be install anywhere you can see fit.


6. Rustic Sliding Door Wardrobe

Add some character to your lovely, organised wardrobe by incorporating interesting elements such as this sliding barn door. If you do not fancy this type of sliding door, play around with other options according to your bedroom’s style.


7. Luxurious Wardrobe

Dressing up your plain white wardrobe with ornate elements such as gold detailing, plush carpeting and elaborate carvings will make choosing your outfit a dream. If you need an extra space to fold laundry or for packing, adding an island will go a long way.


8. Modern Black Wardrobe

If your bedroom is sophisticated haven, then adding this sleek and simple black wardrobe will suit it perfectly. Best of all, you can have his-and-hers sides so that you won’t end up clashing over closet space.


9. Simple Clothes Rack

If you don’t have much clothes and couldn’t be bothered with a bulky wardrobe, then consider getting a clothes rack to hang your minimalist clothes and place your shoes on. Totally saving space like a boss!


10. Vintage Wardrobe

Investing in a vintage wardrobe will make your bedroom look timeless and sophisticated, especially if the rest of your decor is in a similar theme. Choosing your outfit just got so much more fun.


11. Built-in Wardrobe

Built-in wardrobes are suitable for small or big homes, because you can customise the size of the wardrobes. Adding some quirky detailing on the wardrobe also makes it looks more interesting and adds character to your bedroom.


12. Multipurpose Built-in Wardrobe

If space is at a premium in your home, then you should always invest in multifunctional furniture. For example, you can add a TV panel into your built-in wardrobe so you can watch your favourite shows from the comfort of your bed.


13. “Invisible” Wardrobe

Sometimes, you just don’t want to be reminded of the existence of your wardrobe and that’s okay, because creating an “invisible” wardrobe can make your bedroom look very sleek and clean. Glossy wall panels that merged seamlessly into the wall will make this possible.


14. Smoky Glass Doors Wardrobe

The smoky glass doors for this modern wardrobe makes all the difference in the world, as it partially obscures the view of your apparels within. After all, you don’t want to be staring at your clothes everyday when you sleep, do you?


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Travelling to Bali? Here’s 13 Gorgeous Pictures of Ace Villa In Seminyak Which Will Make You Breathless

Let the cynics say what they want—Bali is a paradise like no other. Vibrant waters, balmy weather, and soft, pure sands are the delicious toppings that complete the heavenly experience of staying at one of these sensational cottages. Although they all share the same theme of a tropical utopia, each triumph uniquely and have distinct personalities.

 Ace Villa in Seminyak, Bali

Villa Ace’s outdoor area tempts with a personal swimming pool, with chic columns that hold up a half-roof that shades the area. The holiday continues inside with an open living and dining space complete with a modern kitchen. The grey-white lounge sets suit both the indoors and outdoors, complementing the classic house furnishings. We can see a blend of traditional with contemporary, with the use of raw wooden elements and fresh, stoic marble. Floating stairs that further establish your escape to heaven take you to the main bedroom, where things get a bit steamier with red bedding and darker wood implements for a sweet change. Elegant mosquito nets protect while adding atmosphere. The other bedroom contrasts with blue bedding and lighter wood. Villa Ace keeps things simple by opting for black and white wall art.


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