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MIDEA’s new Mission air-conditioners now come with an Eco Mode function and WiFi-enabled smartphone app control

In our hot and humid weather, one of the essential appliances to have at home is the air-conditioner. But how do you go about choosing the right one for your living space?  If you want an air-conditioner that’s easy to operate and performs well during the hottest months, MIDEA has just the solution for you with the intuitively smart and energy-saving Mission range.

Hot Outside, Always Cool Inside

Mission air-conditioners offer powerful high ambient cooling even when it’s scorching hot outside. This series comes with advanced compressors designed to deliver comfortable, cooling air from 17°C, even when the outside temperature is as high as 50°C. But that’s not all, there’s also a “Follow Me” function to keep you comfortable by measuring the air temperature around you. To ensure that the unit remembers your “favourite cool temperature”, all you have to do is press the “Favourite button” and the air-conditioner will record and auto adjust itself to your preferred operating mode.

Energy Saving Eco Mode
For those who leave their air-conditioner on almost 24 hours a day, the Mission series is the perfect choice to ensure your electricity bill doesn’t go through the roof. It’s equipped with the Eco Mode feature which helps you save electricity up to 50% while keeping your spaces consistently cool at the same time. Rest assured, Mission offers significant energy savings for over 8 hours while you rest in comfort. ECO mode is available via the cooling mode only and accessible only via the WiFi Control “Midea Air” Apps.

Total Comfort All Day
To optimize cool air, MIDEA inverter air-conditioners utilize rapid startup technology to generate a strong flow of cool air for instant comfort. They also comprise an optimized air outlet design which widens the air flow angle, dispersing cool air all around you for even better cooling. With the inclusion of a larger fan and optimized air vent design, these units maintain a cool environment no matter how warm it gets.The Mission series also includes MIDEA’s unique stepless frequency adjustment technology which maintains stable room temperature, ensuring total comfort along with energy savings.

Smart and User-Friendly Features
Simple yet smart, Mission comes with host of smart technology features including  an intuitive user interface as well as a smartphone app remote control. Accessible using WiFi, you can control the the air-conditioner and set timers easily through the app remote control. This means you can turn on the air-conditioner using your phone before you get home and be instantly greeted with perfect temperature. This app supports Android and IOS systems. Additionally, there’s a sleep temperature curve feature designed to allow you to customize the air-conditioner to your preferred sleep modes. Mission air-conditioners also feature Smart Diagnosis, an automatic monitoring system that detects and diagnoses 97 types of errors at an early stage and notifies you via the smartphone app.

Cleaner Air Everyday
Equipped with a dual filtration system, you can expect cleaner and fresher air as well. This system thoroughly eliminates harmful substances via two layers of filters – the first one is a high density pre-filter which collects dust while filtering other particles like pet hair, dead mite feces and fungi. The second layer is a micro protection filter which collects pollen, smoke, micro dust and even smoke and bacteria. An ionizer is also incorporated – this feature releases negative ions into the air to eliminate odour, smoke and pollen particles to ensure fresher air.  If you worry about dirt and bacteria collecting in the air-conditioner itself, these air-conditioners actually come with a self-cleaning function that spins the indoor unit fan in reverse to remove condensed water, eliminating bacteria from within the unit.

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