BlueScope ZACS® redefine your home with durable yet stylish roofs, ceilings and wall panels

In the perspective of homeowners in Malaysia, the idea of a home would normally associate with one that comes with ceramic or clay roofing tiles. Not many homeowners are aware of other roofing alternatives when they go house hunting, carry out renovations or replace the old roofing for their newly acquired properties.

Image Credit: NS Bluescope (Malaysia)

The less known alternative roofing materials – steel, in particular – for residential homes are gaining popularity in recent years. The wider application of steel alternative building material, has expanded its application beyond roofing. It is also widely used for interior applications such as wall panels and ceiling panels.

Image Credit: NS Bluescope (Malaysia)

The benefits of steel roof, wall and ceiling include:-

Versatile Colours and Finishes
Pre-painted steel is available in a wide variety of colours, finishes and textures. The combination of colours and textures allows freedom in the colour scheme and design style of the entire property. Steel wall and ceiling panels are a relatively new application in interior design, offering a fashionable and sensible alternative to plaster ceiling and conventional ceiling/asbestos boards. BlueScope ZACS® steel offers a wide range of vibrant colours and also comes in choices of high or low gloss, smooth or wrinkled/textured finishes. BlueScope ZACS® is the first brand in Malaysia that offers such unique textures, and available in major hardware outlets in Malaysia.

Image Credit: NS Bluescope (Malaysia)

Better Strength and Flexibility
Steel’s combination of strength and flexibility allows endless possibilities when remodelling and renovating. Its capacity and flexibility to bend to a certain radius while retaining its strength can inspire fresh and innovative ideas: whether by creating segmented curves or free-form combinations for facades, arches or domes.

Image Credit: NS Bluescope (Malaysia)

Cost and Material Efficiency
From a roofing perspective, steel is naturally lighter than conventional clay or concrete tiles (in terms of weight per metre square), which equates to wider purlin spacing and less purlin material used, which translates to better material efficiency and cost effectiveness for the entire roof structure. Steel’s strength is in being able to span long distances meaning fewer columns are needed, enabling the creation of larger, column-free spaces, allowing the flexibility to customise spaces and create an atmosphere of openness and freedom in a home. This also means more usable space, less materials and therefore lower costs.

Structural Security
Apart from investing on high-tech security systems, a property’s fundamental protection against theft can come from the use of theft-proof building materials. One vulnerable point many homeowners or builders overlook is the roof. Instead of utilising conventional concrete or clay tiles as roofing materials, steel can better protect the property as it is sturdier, and securely fastened onto the roof supporting structures, greatly reduces the possibility of a break-in through the roof.

Image Credit: NS Bluescope (Malaysia)

Material Durability and Warranty
Structural durability also means that the steel materials used in manufactured roofing sheets and components can endure the hot and humid weather and climate in Malaysia. When choosing metal roofs, count on a metal roof made of premium quality steel from leading and reputable manufacturer. Two common types of coating used for steel roofing are: the less durable Zinc-coated steel, or the latest, more advanced Aluminium-Zinc Coated steel that offers better durability against perforation caused by corrosion. Know your rights and ask for material warranty offered by the material manufacturer against perforationdue to corrosion.

Widening Possibilities
Steel’s application in widening horizons for home builds and interior design is only just beginning, visit your nearest building and construction material supply outlet and hardware stores, or consult your builder on how steel can enrich your home decoration and design.

NS BlueScope Malaysia is the leading manufacturer of coated steel in Malaysia. Made using Australian technology, it offers a wide variety of colours, texture and finishes to meet your needs for roofing, wall panels and celling panels under the brand name of BLUSCOPE ZACS®.

Formerly known as BlueScope Steel (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Lot 1551, Jalan Bukit Kapar
42200 Kapar
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

+603 3361 6888


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