Décor Advice: Decorating With Textures

Carefully selecting colours, furnishings and decorations is not quite enough; for a comprehensive design you need to consider textures too. Here are some useful tips about using textures from Curtainsplace.

The ambience of a space can be affected by textures in a manner similar to colours. Rough textures give furnishings and decorations with a more intimate and natural feel, while smooth textures exude the sleekness and perfection of modern design.

Textures can provide even the most monochromatic of design schemes with balance and depth, creating visual interest in a space that would be bland without a mixture of coarse or fine textures such as those found in carpeting or drapery.

Textures can be used to add interest and create atmosphere by being interwoven into a design scheme on window curtains made with heavier yarns. A thicker material makes for a more luxurious look, as well as having an insulating effect; plush fabrics create a warm, cozy atmosphere and serve to carry tactile themes throughout a space.

To decorate with contrasting textures, make sure different types of textures are placed strategically against each other. For instance, a rough textured object is enhanced when placed near other objects decorated with finer textures. The degree of emphasis can be tweaked by altering the distances between the textures, increasing the space between a rough and smooth texture will serve to decrease the emphasis on the rough texture.

With neutral colour palettes being used more often in modern interiors, the opportunities for overlaying multiple contrasting textures increase as the use of neutral colour palettes limit visual distractions and enable different textures to come to the fore. Adding multiple layers of contrasting textures in neutral colours will be a popular look this year, but using vibrant colour combinations in multiple layers of textures will also give a space an energetic yet nostalgic feel.

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