9 Exciting Interior Décor Fall Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

Fall is a beautiful season! All the stunning colors nature presents us with, warm beverages and cozy nights in. It’s that time of the year we all start to spend more time indoors again. And who wouldn’t want the indoors to look as beautiful as ever?

Image Credit: Luxxu

Trends around this time tend to go through a complete renovation, although some elements from last seasons may remain. It’s that time of the year when everyone wants to update their wardrobes and their homes, getting it ready for the upcoming holiday season.

This year, the trends are all over the place. Marble continues to take stand and the colors and fabrics are very adapted to all the cozy needs this new season brings.

#1. Marble Tables
As in the previous seasons, marble will continue to make a statement during the Fall. This time the trendiest items will be marble tables and countertops. If you’d like to hop on board with this trend, a marble center table like the Beyond, is a great option. It’s as beautiful as practical as it provides storage.

The Beyond center table with Nero marquina marble, black lacquer, and gold plated accents. Image Credit: Luxxu

#2. Texture
During Fall, we all want to make our homes as cozy as possible. For this purpose, textures take a leading role, as fabrics can add great comfort to a home. A tufted chair in a rich fabric, such as velvet can add a lot of texture to an interior. Check the Charla Dining Chair and turn your dining room into the most fall ready room of the house. It’s also in a great fall color.

The Charla dining chair is a splendid object of boundless elegance. This marvelous design is the perfect example of timeless lines with a modern twist, by using a complexity of luxurious materials, such as velvet, brass and lacquered wood. Image Credit: Luxxu

#3. Navy Blue
A huge trend is using navy blue as a statement color. As it is a soothing color it looks good in every room, from the bathroom to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the office. It looks best with white, grey and gold. A gold pendant lamp like the Burj would make the blue pop!

This exuberant pendant is inspired by the stunning Burj Al Arab Hotel. Like a symbol of the modern age and luxury tied by a simple string. Image Credit: Luxxu

#4. Metallics
Although this is not a new trend, just take a look at all the metallic clothing items out there, it will be a huge statement in the Fall! You can opt for hues, as the Draycott pendat lamps, or a full on interior in metallic tones, such as gold. The best part is that you can use it in any room of the house, even in the kitchen.

Draycott Tower was the reason to create the Draycott pendant. Its structure has 3 tubes like the original inspiration made in brass and crystal glass. Transmitting elegance and purity to every space, the reception or lobby areas can be a perfect space for this gorgeous masterpiece. Image Credit: Luxxu

#5. Velvet
As it was mentioned, Fall is the season for cozy fabrics! And what combines best coziness and style than velvet? A velvet stool such as the Noir is a great option, as it’s a subtle item that you can move around the house.

The dual personality of this stool stays in a unique beautifully balance between softness black velvet and strong personality in a gold plated brass ring. The smooth curved lines and its versatility are rather appealing and destined to bring elegance to a luxurious space perfect for both a contemporary or classic setting. Image Credit: Luxxu

#6. Entryway Styling
Entryways and foyers are a huge part of our homes, we don’t even realize how much it can say about us and our décor
style. If you’d like to keep things fresh in this area, catch up with this trend and give your entryway the styling it deserves. Pendant lamps, as the Waterfall, can be a great choice as they give the most unique look. To make it fall ready you can add a fur rug and a few decorative items in fall colors.

Everything sparkles under this elegant pendant lamp, made with gold plated brass combined with ribbed fine tubes of crystal glass made by master craftsmen. It gives the glamorous sensation of waterfalls having in mind various ambiences. Image Credit: Luxxu

#7. Gold Lamps
Gold is a huge trend! But it’s not the easiest color to incorporate in your home. Try to start small with a glamorous pendant lamp, as the Babel, or a side table. You can place it next to a comfy armchair by the fireplace and have a spot ready for all the fall reading sessions.

Babel pendant blends perfectly into placid and splendid interior design ambiences. The magnificent irregular shape of each crystal glass conquered by the craftsman’s mastery creates a unique pattern of lighting refraction. Ideal to use as a single item or in harmony with more than one element at the same luxurious ambiance. Image Credit: Luxxu

#8. Round Mirrors
These are not a new trend, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as important. Round mirrors with a twist are especially on trend! They can add a touch of exclusivity to any interior setting and the best things about mirrors is that they are as practical as they are beautiful. The Darian Mirror, with subtle hints of gold is an amazing choice.

Materials like black lacquer and brass are combined into a perfect harmony in order to create a masterpiece like the Darian Black. A simple yet unique luxury item that captures both the functionality of a mirror and the splendour of an art piece. Decorative, practical and divine. Image Credit: Luxxu

#9. Jewel Tones
One of the biggest trends for the next season are jewel tones! Emerald green, rich purples and reds. It’s one of the most luxurious trends but use it carefully as it may overwhelm the room you put it in. A great color pairing with emerald green is black and gold. The Waterfall Round suspension is a great choice!

A powerful creation characterized by a circular shape made with gold plated brass combined with ribbed fine tubes of glass. The perfect combination of a glamorous sensation of waterfalls. Image Credit: Luxxu

Make your home Fall ready with these new trends!

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