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Global Growth: Excelfurn has been establishing an international reputation as a reliable exporter of quality outdoor furniture

Excelfurn Sdn. Bhd. is steadily becoming a recognisable brand in various retail sectors for outdoor furniture overseas. Since starting its business in November 2005, this outdoor furniture manufacturer has built a significant customer base in Malaysia and foreign markets such as Europe, Canada and the United Arab Emirates. Exquisitely crafted, their furniture utilises quality Malaysian hardwood timber with high durability like Balau and Meranti. Able to withstand an assortment of climates, Excelfurn’s products have graced the home gardens of numerous admirers worldwide.

The key to Excelfurn’s accomplishments is their staff’s constant drive to improve the business and the company’s ability to build a productive relationship with its customers. According to the company’s owner, Noor Azmeera Sahudin, Excelfurn responds to its customers’ feedback and considers them seriously. By listening to its consumers, the company attains fresh ideas on how to further improve their products in terms of design and functionality.

To sustain a high standard of quality, the company’s furniture undergoes procedures like Pressure Treatment (PT) and Kiln-Dry (KD) approriately. This duration depends on the thickness of the furniture’s timber, which means that their wood comprises less moisture content and is easier to be constructed compared to other furniture-grade hardwood. Additionally, the company is meticulous when it comes to screening its suppliers and selecting only the finest materials. Every aspect of their furniture is designed with thoughtful consideration and intricate craftsmanship. This penchant for furnishing perfection has made the Excelfurn brand synonymous with excellence among its customers.

The company’s collaboration with the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) has elevated its achievements to new heights of success. Renowned for supporting Malaysian entrepreneurs in their drive to succeed in the timber industry, MTIB provided Excelfurn with opportunities to gain brand exposure by participating in distinguished local and international exhibitions. The company has showcased their work at the Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) for seven consecutive years, as well as the 2012 International Design Exhibition in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (Index Dubai 2012) and its 2011 edition in Mumbai, India (Index Mumbai 2011).

Despite a slowdown in the global economy, Excelfurn continues to strive and thrive. The company understands the “ups and downs” of an economic cycle and is sufficiently prepared to carry on with its plans for growth. Its worldwide base of loyal clients is also a positive business asset.

Excelfurn already has plans beyond this year. Not content to rest on its current successes, the company intends to create even more innovatively designed outdoor and garden furniture for 2018 and the subsequent years. Excelfurn will also be expanding its brand presence in other foreign countries by participating in more exhibitions. Together with government agencies like MTIB, it has a vision to raise the prestige of Malaysian timber and furniture globally.

Excelfurn Sdn. Bhd.
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Excelfurn Sdn. Bhd.

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