Bamboo Jungle Adventures, a premier Malaysian bamboo producer is set to be at the forefront of the bamboo construction and furniture industry

Bamboo Jungle Adventures was founded by Ahmad Mazlan Othman in 2013, and has thrived to become a highly reputable company in the nation’s bamboo-related industries. Known for its achievements in bamboo-influenced building constructions, furniture productions and plantation cultivation, Ahmad and his staff have also organised training programmes to produce skilled bamboo industry workers.

The 60-year-old, who is also a consultant engineering firm director, admires the beauty and functionality of bamboo. This interest is shared by his daughter, Anum Nazahah, the owner of Bamboo Jungle Adventures. As one of the first entrepreneurs to venture into Malaysia’s bamboo industry, they started the company with an open and fresh mentality, keen on maximising the potential of this “Green Gold”, a term used to describe bamboo among the media.

One can see why bamboo is as valuable as gold. As Ahmad and his daughter discovered, bamboo plants can be ready for harvesting within four years through the modern seedling and branch-cutting method of propagation. Additionally, the wooden part of the bamboo plant is as durable as premier timber. Bamboo Jungle Adventures implements the latest treatment technology to ensure the everlasting quality of the bamboo materials in their buildings and furniture.

Similar to the company’s name, exploring the world of bamboo is an adventure. Unlike common timber, the bamboo’s surface has a greenish golden hue – conveying an exotic kind of beauty. The raw cylinder form of the bamboo is just as unique, providing structures and furniture with a refreshing nature-inspired vibe. Additionally, Bamboo Jungle Adventures has also created a bamboo-based series of bicycle and musical instruments. A visit to their website shows that the Bamboo Bike Series include a racing bike variant, which is known as the “Sepang Fugitive”. It is amazing how a plant can be transformed into a sleek bicycle through skilled craftsmanship.

The Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) has been collaborating with Bamboo Jungle Adventures in various aspects of the industry. According to Ahmad, MTIB was the first government agency that his company liaised with. During the early period of their partnership, master skill training programmes in the bamboo industry was their priority. MTIB and the company emphasized the importance of having locally trained skilled workers, as this would establish more job opportunities for Malaysians in rural areas. These programmes also created awareness among the public about the applications of bamboo.

Throughout the years, as Bamboo Jungle Adventures continues to collaborate with MTIB, the company has participated in numerous prestigious exhibitions. In 2015, they showcased a pre-fabricated bamboo house at FLORIA ’15 in Putrajaya. This bamboo home was fully furnished. Other exhibitions that the company has participated in included the 2014 World Bamboo Day Celebration, Sarawak Timber & SME’s Expo 2015 and Perak Wood & Lifestyle Fair 2016.

The company is now enjoying an enterprising year. They are continuing their master skill training programmes with MTIB, including a new series of Bamboo Bike workshops. Bamboo Jungle Adventures has also secured their biggest project to date, which began during the first quarter of 2017 in Kelantan. In addition, their product development department continues to research innovative designs, equipment and machinery via their partnership with the Furniture Industry Technology Centre (FITEC). The company also plans to become Malaysia’s first bamboo furniture exporter by this year. With such a driven team, it would not be a surprise if they successfully achieve their goals.

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