Power-packed with energy-saving features, Panasonic Ceiling Fans combine innovation with beautiful design

Panasonic LED 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

With our hot and humid weather, fans are an essential feature to have at home, especially ceiling fans as they create better airflow while helping air conditioning systems to circulate
cool air more efficiently. Fortunately, with the advent of technology, there are many ceiling fan options out there which are designed with not just thoughtful functions but elegant designs as well. Panasonic Ceiling Fans are a great example of fans that combine innovation with aesthetics.

F-M15H5 (VBSRH / VBSQH) *ECONAVI ceiling fan does not come with LED function

Planet-Friendly Features
For those who are environmentally conscious, Panasonic Ceiling Fans are one of the best eco fans out there, thanks to its energy-saving DC motor and ECONAVI features. As DC motors are more compact and half the size of AC versions, they use less energy – up to 55% compared to AC motors. It is also lighter and quieter, ensuring a serene environment at home. With the addition of ECONAVI, a series of intelligent eco sensors, Panasonic Ceiling Fans function even more efficiently. ECONAVI intelligently monitors surrounding temperature and automatically adjusts the fan speed to ensure the most comfortable air flow, thus saving energy while providing uninterrupted comfort and convenience.

Natural Comfort
Offering ultimate comfort, Panasonic Ceiling Fans are equipped with the 1/f Yuragi function, a fluctuating pattern that generates gentle, natural breeze. A human-centred technology, 1/f Yuragi’s unique rhythm maintains your external body temperature by giving you the feeling of natural wind when there is a change of wind velocity.

Light and Easy All The Way
Homeowners can now also opt for Panasonic’s new LED Ceiling Fans which provide you both light and air to create a more optimal home environment. As LED lights are used, this means you’d have lighting that offers longer lifespan and more energy savings (up to 85%) compared to conventional incandescent bulbs. It’s also a hassle-free choice – with LED lights, you no longer need to constantly change your light bulb, which reduces garbage waste and carbon footprint in the long run.

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