CH Reviews | Packed with thoughtful features, Samsung’s VC5100 Canister Vacuum Cleaner offers a light, easy and tangle-free vacuum cleaning experience.

With so many vacuum cleaners out there to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which one would suit you best. Generally, if you have a lot of carpet and rugs at home, an upright one is recommended, but if you have many different hard and soft surfaces, it’s better to go with a canister unit that comes with a variety of cleaning features – like the Samsung VC5100 Canister Vacuum Cleaner.


First Impression
What would strike you immediately when you pick up this vacuum cleaner for the first time is how light and comfortable it feels in your hands. Designed with a sleek body, Samsung’s VC5100 Canister Vacuum Cleaner has that minimalist look that would appeal to many who’s looking for a stylish gadget. But there’s more to it than its exterior body, as it’s packed with high performance and super handy features as well.

Easy Attachments
Setting up this vacuum cleaner is easy. Just attach the different parts according to your vacuuming needs, plug it in and you are ready to go. All the button controls are right there with the on/off and level of suction switches within easy reach. There is also a 3-in-1 accessory pack included, offering you a choice of accessories to suit different cleaning needs.

This nifty gadget works well on a variety of surfaces – hardwood floors, parquet, marble, carpets and rugs and even blinds and upholstery, picking up debris and dust very quickly. We like that it’s quieter than most vacuum cleaners and thanks to its CycloneForce system, it helps speed up cleaning at home.

The brushes adheres to the floor effortlessly and smoothly sucks up dust, hair and even small particles like paper bits, thread and grains.

Special Features
What’s extremely useful is its Anti-Tangle Turbine which ensures the turbine grille won’t get clogged up with hair or dirt. For those with long-haired cats or dogs that shed all the time, this is a vacuum cleaner that cleans up fur very easily, even from curtains, upholstery and carpets. Best of all, with the addition of the Anti-Tangle tool, the air-flow structure pushes dirt or debris out instantly when you discard it into the dusbin, thus reducing the inconvenience of removing tangled hair from the bristle by hand. Rest assured your vacuum cleaner will no longer get clogged up midway. There’s also a Dust and Allergen Filtration (HEPA Filter) which helps to minimize dust and allergens escaping back into your home.

Cleaning Up
Finally, once you are done, the VC5100 comes with an Easy Dustbin which can be removed and emptied out at just one push of a button.






  • Light and ergonomic
  • Able to clean many different areas
  • Powerful Quieter than most vacuum cleaners
  • The Anti-Tangle feature makes it a very handy tool to have
  • Stylish design


  • Somewhat bulky and difficult to store
  • Dragging the wheels while vacuuming can be an inconvenience

Overall: 4/5 (highly recommended!)

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