Travelling to Bali? Here’s 13 Gorgeous Pictures of Ace Villa In Seminyak Which Will Make You Breathless

Let the cynics say what they want—Bali is a paradise like no other. Vibrant waters, balmy weather, and soft, pure sands are the delicious toppings that complete the heavenly experience of staying at one of these sensational cottages. Although they all share the same theme of a tropical utopia, each triumph uniquely and have distinct personalities.

 Ace Villa in Seminyak, Bali

Villa Ace’s outdoor area tempts with a personal swimming pool, with chic columns that hold up a half-roof that shades the area. The holiday continues inside with an open living and dining space complete with a modern kitchen. The grey-white lounge sets suit both the indoors and outdoors, complementing the classic house furnishings. We can see a blend of traditional with contemporary, with the use of raw wooden elements and fresh, stoic marble. Floating stairs that further establish your escape to heaven take you to the main bedroom, where things get a bit steamier with red bedding and darker wood implements for a sweet change. Elegant mosquito nets protect while adding atmosphere. The other bedroom contrasts with blue bedding and lighter wood. Villa Ace keeps things simple by opting for black and white wall art.


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