11 Stunning Black and White Decoration Designs For Your Small Apartment

Black and white, the timeless combination. Chic and sophisticated, you can’t really go wrong with a black and white theme in your small apartment.

1. Use Black and White to Separate Sections

Sometimes the line between different sections of the house gets blurred when your apartment is small. Use black and white paint to very clearly define the borders.


2. Black Bedframe with White Mattresses

Talk about framing! The beautiful angles of a black bed frame will instantly stand out when paired with white mattresses.


3. Quirky Black and White Paintings

Who says black and white can’t be fun? Try putting up some quirky black and white cartoon paintings on your wall to inject some playfulness into your small apartment.


4. Decorate the Walls with Vinyl

If space is at a premium, you may not want to clutter the house with too many decorative objects. Add some texture and depth to your surroundings with black and white vinyl wallpapers.


5. Something More Minimalist Perhaps?

Depending on your existing decor, you may prefer something less busy for your walls. Try breaking up the monotony of your plain walls with some contrasting angular lines.


6. The Thick, Patterned Rug

Black and white patterns are very striking, and a great way to draw attention. What better place to decorate with a black and white patterned rug than your living room?


7. Subtle Trimmings in Your White Kitchen

Sparingly use black trimmings in your white kitchen to enhance the edges of kitchen surfaces. Bonus points if you match it with black and white floor tiles.


8. Black and White Curtains

Curtains are often overlooked, but black and white patterns on your curtains can be used to great effect to frame your windows or your doorways.


9. Everyone Loves Cushions

Your black sofa looking to boring? Throw some black and white striped pillows in there and you’ll have plenty of comfort, and eye candy too.


10. Bathroom Tiles Chic

Limited space in your bathroom? Don’t be sad, because you still have plenty of surfaces to play with: style your walls and floors with black and white tiles. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, go all black.


11. Shelves Galore

If you have a small apartment, you need all the storage space you can get. That means: shelves, shelves, shelves! They’re not only useful, but they can be decorative too!


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