10 Awesome Wallpaper Ideas to Transform Your Home

Bored with the same old paint in your home and want a quick update? If you want something new and unique, you can consider going for wallpaper, which will create a refreshing new vibe in your home because sometimes there are just some things that paint just can’t cut it. There are so many designs you can choose from to spice up that bland old wall!

1. Floral Alcove

If you have a cute little alcove in your living room, you can consider highlighting this particular feature as it will make it stand out more. Choose an eye-catching design and pair the rest of your furnishing in a matching scheme for a more sophisticated living room.


2. Metallic Flowers

You may think that florals are old-fashioned and only belong in your grandmother’s home but if you choose the right colour and design, it can look really modern. These metallic flowers give a soft yet elegant feel to your home.


3. Whimsical Wallpaper

Add some cheer and joy to your home with a cute wallpaper that will add a casual and relaxed vibe. You can hang it in anywhere you feel needs some character.


4. Subtle Modern Graphics

Make your living room more interesting with just a simple graphic pattern in a neutral design to complement the rest of your decor. It not only makes your living room more laid-back, but can also be used even if you change your decor style.


5. Cheery and Playful Wallpaper

Painting your child’s room with the same old pastel colours can get rather boring after some time. And when your child grows up, they are bound to change the colour which means it isn’t economical. Invest in a bright print on a neutral background for a timeless feel.


6. Luxurious Prints

Your bedroom is where you rest and relax in after a long day so it is imperative to decorate it well. Getting wallpaper that is delicate yet classy will help your room feel more opulent and calm.


7. Magnificent Diamonds

Transform your boring dining room into something stunning with this unique diamond print that is bound to make a statement. Paired with quiet, neutral furniture, the room is elevated into something extraordinary.


8. Bold and Colourful

This striking design calls for a bigger space, otherwise it will just look loud. But when paired nicely, the vivid colours strike a nice balance between modern and vintage.


9. Bookworm Wallpaper

This is the perfect wallpaper for bookworms, as you can ask to customised it according to the pages of your favourite book and want everyone to know what you like to read. Perhaps it will help to pass the time if you accidentally forget to bring a book into the bathroom too!


10. Elegant Tropical Leaves

If you want to feel like you are waking up in a tropical paradise then you should choose this design. Perhaps you may even dream that you are enjoying the sea breeze right in your room.


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