5 Tips In Converting Your Bedroom Into Your Ultimate Work Station

Millennials of the modern age have resorted to multi-tasking in every way, even when it comes to interior designing due to a lack of space. One such example would be integrating the work-space together with bedroom. For certain people, this idea may not be feasible as there is a definite issue of separating work and play.

Here are five practical tips to maximize productivity without compromising on sheer comfort.

1. Separate Space for Work and Play


Procrastination is the number one factor of dwelling work and unmotivated attitude so be sure to draw a strict boundary when it comes to work and play.

Understandably, some may fall to the whims of cosy comfort and thus it is of utmost importance to make it a constant practice to never work from the bed. With that sorted out, you can minimize distractions by physically placing a boundary between the workspace and the bed.

Sheer curtains will surely do the trick by blocking the sight of snuggly bed and keeping you focused on work alone.


If installing a curtain rail is a tad bit out of your budget, you can try infusing a sense of clever colour block element to establish a dual presence. Achieve so with wall accents, preferably painted with light contrasting tones for an added statement appeal.

2. Lots and Lots of Lighting


Studies have time and time again proved that people tend to feel more productive in well-lit environment as opposed to dim surroundings.


To achieve a maximum increase in productivity, face your workplace with a gorgeous window view – not only it’s an instant mood elevation from the glowing sunshine, you can also utilize it as a relax buffer in times of inspiration needs.

Otherwise opt for a table lamp placement as a source for alternative light, although it will be wise to ascertain whether you work better under luminous white or incandescent yellow light. This may seem as a tiny detail but you’ll be surprised with how it affects your performance subconsciously.

3. Now You See It, Now You Don’t


Not many are lucky enough to have the entirety of their workload digitalized – for the old-school practitioners, there’s bound to be an unsightly mess of paperwork and files simply piling around. As the famous quote goes, a cluttered desk reflects a cluttered mind.

That’s where hidden cabinets come in handy. Tucked away when there’s no need for it, and easily accessible when required. You’ll also feel much more at ease when there’s no sight of unfinished work right before you hop onto bed.

4. Replacing the Mirror with Bulletin Board


One excellent method to seamlessly mesh workplace in the bedroom is through some thoughtful placing. You can opt to swap the conventional dressing mirror with a bulletin board instead. Not only it’s practical in organizing noted but also integrates nicely into the surroundings considering that it doesn’t take up any unnecessary space.



There are countless options for you to choose from; from the user-friendly magnetic strip, quaint cork-board to straight up old-school chalkboard with the plus side of an added statement touch.

5. Embrace Shelves instead of Stands


Many tend to place book racks in the bedroom given its fuss-free appearance and a touch of preppy aesthetic. Consider switching this conventional furniture piece for wall-mounted shelves – not only it saves a precious amount of space; they double up as excellent decorative for blank walls.


Utilizing a similar colour scheme for the shelf and wall helps in effortlessly blending it into the background and this keeping the attention of bulky books at the minimal. An ideal solution for the space-saving folks too!

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