Id Commercial: Elegant Monochromatic Office, designed by Latitude Design

PICTURE-PERFECT AND A DELIGHT TO BE IN, this commercial space exudes charm, charisma and character in every aspect of its design. A monochromatic palette is applied throughout the office – creating a calming and composed environment for its staff to thrive and the guests to feel welcomed. The designers accentuate the beauty of this concept by combining the colour scheme with various arrays of decorative features.

Open the entrance glass doors and you will be greeted by a sleek reception area surrounded by white brick walls, black panels and metallic furniture. Based on the décor, the design team has produced a concept that prioritizes the importance of first impressions among the visitors. Beside the reception counter, a typography-inspired mural that represents the nations of the world catches our eye. The grey floor tiles and vintage bulbs elevate the atmosphere.

Venture past the reception space and you would encounter a wide corridor of open space – with a row of office rooms on one side as well as a refined television cabinet and gleaming white panels on the other. Hanging lamps with soft coverings, quaintly designed together with several spotlights illuminate this area. The open layout infuses its staff and guests with a carefree yet determined feeling of spaciousness as they stroll through.

The first two adjoining offices, which are placed beside each other, seem like elegant replicas of each other. Their walls are crafted with sets of transparent and tainted panels. The rooms inside feature a similar professional vibe like the rest of the place, comprising spotlights and a monochromatic theme. The framed displays on their respective walls and furniture may be different, but both offices convey their own distinctive brands of charm and professionalism. Outside the offices, like graceful spots of stars, the spotlights cast their own vibrant shades of lighting across the space.

More offices await further along this layout. Similarly themed with graceful hues of black, white and grey furnishing, these rooms provide comfort and the right tone to conduct business. Lit up by strategically placed lighting, the cabinets, desks and shelves provide adequate spacing to store office materials.

The pantry at a particular part of this commercial area is an exquisite spot with a soothing ambience. Bare hanging light bulbs cast a vivid glow over their surroundings. Shelves, cabinets and ledges are organised in a sophisticated pattern, providing the staff and guests with plenty of room to maneuver about. The company provides more than adequate facilities to ensure top notch productivity among its staff, including coffee-making machines and sustenance – all arranged neatly along the countertops.


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F +603 7804 2311



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