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Creating The Ultimate All White Home Decor With These 10 Simple Tips

The colour white has always been associated with purity and sanctity, but sometimes people think that decorating a home with just white may look boring. But there’s where you are wrong, because white can also be a dramatic colour, and is the perfect canvas for anything. So, take a look at these tips and start decorating!

1. Use Soft, Distressed Furnishings

People tend to think of white as a cold, clinical colour to have in the home but did you know that it can actually be very cosy? The trick is to choose soft, comfy looking furnishings such as fluffy throw pillows, gauzy fabric and distressed finishes to make it look more welcoming.


2. Match White with Smoky Pastels

Mixing white with soft pastels can have the effect of making the space look rather babyish, and that’s fine if that is the effect you are looking for. But if you are looking for a more adult touch, then we suggest that you use pastels such as light brown, smoky blue, or a hint of dusty pink.


3. Warm Up White with Wood

To avoid the risk of making your room look too stiff and cold, pair your white with wooden furnishings, which can offer a lot of subtle flow and depth to your home. In fact, wood looks almost like a print itself, which helps to keep things looking understated but chic.


4. Play with Patterns

Add an unexpected element into your space by using low-key white-on-white patterns such as herringbone, chevron, stripes or dots. It makes your home look much more interesting.


5. Add Mirrors

Traditionally, bathrooms usually have a mirror hanging around for you to freshen up your face to ensure that you look your best. But you can also use mirrors as accessories, or even include it into your furniture to make it look more glamorous and shiny.


6. Add Luxurious Texture

Incorporating different textures into your home can make it look more stylish and make quite a statement. You can start small, by painting your ceilings with lacquer and adding some shiny satin panels into your covers.


7. White Industrial Style

You may be surprised to know that using white to style your bathroom and make it look more industrial actually works really well. Instead of having a stiff and bland bathroom, using interesting features such as clawfoot bathtubs and quirky lights can make a difference.


8. Layering White Tones

Not all white colours are created equal, in fact, there are so many kinds of whites that you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing which one you want to use. Cool whites, warm whites, shiny whites, instead of choosing just one, layer several different ones in one room for more personality.


9. Match White with Metals

Combining white with your favourite metals is a classic and timeless combination, which is used by many designers. It doesn’t matter which metal you choose, the final result will always look inviting and trendy.


10. Choose a Focal Point

Hanging a huge colourful painting or even having an accent wall in your all white room allows you to draw the eye immediately to the element you want to highlight. The whiteness of the room means that your artwork or feature element has no competition.


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Serene Simplicity: This light, bright and airy home designed by S:lab 10 exemplifies how form and function can come together to create an exquisite ambience

Sublimely striking in its own unique way, this home immerses you in a state of quietude as you traverse the different spaces that S:lab 10 has crafted meticulously using a combination of architectural forms and stylistic manoeuvres. In fact, there’s a touch of fashionable flair too – something that has consistently distinguished this firm’s works from others.

Unlike most terrace houses which open out to the street, this 2,060 sq.ft. home closes in on itself with low and high level courtyards. As you make your way through the ground floor’s outdoor courtyard into the main living spaces it becomes apparent why S:lab 10 has decided on this approach. Both the courtyard and outdoor garden effectively shield the interior from the vehicular and pedestrian activity outside, resulting in a harmonious flow of spaces.

“We have incorporated two staggered courtyards to sculpt out the three-dimensional volume of the entire terrace,” Jason Sim, Hao Wang and Fion Hsu, the designers from S:lab 10 explain. “In doing so, we can also bring in an ample stream of natural light to the surrounding spaces such as the living room below and the bedroom above.”

Against a modest minimal palette of black and white, timber detailing is used to create a cohesive look. For instance, the floating timber steps trimmed in black accentuates the double height volume of the central space while connecting the home’s different levels.

“The levitating effect of the floating timber steps introduces a sense of weightlessness to the interior,” Sim says. “We have also used mirrors to enhance the perception of space while creating elements of surprise through the subtle play of light and space.”

Throughout the home’s interior, simple and clean lines take the lead but unique features are strategically applied to add visual interest into the whitewashed spaces. “The fixtures, fittings and accessories are from the owner’s personal collection that he acquired from all over the world,” Sim adds. “These pieces are not merely design features as they also authentically depict a lifestyle.”

This project is one of MFID 2016’s Top 10 winning designs. See the interview here:

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Contemporary-Modern Ideas for Small Apartments: Living Room Edition

There is a difference between ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ in the interior designing world

Modern Interior

Modern: This interior style derives itself from the modernism movement that started in the late 1800s that later morphed into the common ideas and images that we know and see today. The modern style, although called that is veritably very old and has been around for a long time. Commonly seen in offices.

A few main things to notice about the Modern interior style:

  • Clean and undecorated walls.
  • Prominent use of natural materials such as wool, wood, leather, linen, etc.
  • Furniture used is often very open and raised in design, giving off an airy ambiance.
  • Light and dark colors are used and manipulated to create contrast amongst elements in a room.
  • Naked floors are generally brought to the forefront when the use of rugs or any floor coverings are not present.
  • As a principle, colors are used in moderation.
  • Strong lines that highlight the neutral elements of an area can be interpreted as strict
  • Is often seen as cold due to its simplicity

Contemporary Interior

Contemporary: This interior style centers itself on the ever-developing designs, styles, and pieces of the current generation, and is very diverse. The contemporary style started evolving in the 1970s, taking components from different cultures and times in history to identify as its own. This resulted in the contemporary style being a mix of modernism, post-modernism, art deconstructivism, futurism, minimalism, and many more. The contemporary style is highly versatile and ever-changing.

A few main things to notice about the Contemporary interior style:

  • Existing and occurring designs; lots of repetition
  • Design changes and choices are endless.
  • Targets whatever the trends are today.
  • Welcomes curves and different shapes well.
  • Embraces the extreme characteristics in furniture and/or interior design as a whole that would typically be rejected for being too “weird”, “different”, or “ugly”.
  • Defies strong, disciplinarian styles like modern interior design.


While combining these two contrasting forms can produce a rather interesting alliance between the styles, modern and contemporary interior design have their similarities as well. Both embrace simplicity and orderly spaces, and commend velvety clean edges and artistic creativity.


Studio kitchen open mezzanine design white black © Ikéa





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5 Ways to Create a Luxurious Outdoor Bathroom

When the days are hot and the evenings balmy, what better way to cool off than in your own outdoor bath? A look increasingly seen in top hotels and spas and with the trend of recreating hotel designs at home gaining traction, it is time for homeowners to start looking at ways to channel the outdoor bathing look in the comfort of their own homes.

A leader in bathroom design and products, British brand Victoria + Albert provides five tips to create a beautiful outdoor bathing space that exudes effortless luxury and relaxation.

1 Be bold!

Victoria + Albert’s Pescadero freestanding bath | Photo credit: Victoria + Albert

Make use of planters, filled with ferns, bamboos and palms, to create a natural screen for the ultimate meditative, leisurely soak in Victoria + Albert’s Pescadero bath that will sure to lull and refresh you. The decking provides the perfect surface to install the bathtub’s plumbing underneath and a simple wooden table provides a space for towels and toiletries.

2 Blend the outdoors with your interiors

Victoria + Albert’s Marlborough freestanding bath | Photo credit: Techne Architects

This art deco home was refurbished with a new extension. The large glass panes fill the room with light and the eye is drawn out to the secluded terrace where Victoria + Albert’s Marlborough bath takes center stage. The bathroom has been designed with a clever barrier between indoors and outdoors, giving the homeowners the option to open the doors onto the terrace and bathe outside on a warm evening. The terrace tiles match those of the interior, creating a seamless flow between the two spaces.

3 Bring the outdoors indoors

Victoria + Albert’s Barcelona freestanding bath | Photo credit: Richard Best Architecture

Outdoor bathing not an option? Look to bring the outdoors indoors. In this bathroom design by Richard Best Architecture, featuring Victoria + Albert’s Barcelona bath, natural materials are utilised within the design, and the stunning view into the secluded garden gives the bathroom the feel of a luxury treehouse. To create a more secluded experience, the curtains can be drawn across the floor-to-ceiling windows.

4 Decorate with Functional but Elegant Accessories

Victoria + Albert’s Tombolo bath rack | Photo credit: Victoria + Albert

When building an outdoor bath environment, don’t forget to think about a place to hang your towel or a stool for a book. Victoria + Albert’s Tombolo bath rack allows bathers to enjoy a relaxing soak while sipping on a glass of chilled champagne and indulging in a good read.

5 Use Quality Materials and Fittings

Victoria + Albert’s baths are perfect for outdoor bathing with its QUARRYCAST® Volcanic Limestone™ composite being resistant to thermal shocks, which means that undergoing changes in the weather and temperature won’t cause the bath to crack. The baths are also UV resistant and won’t go yellow in the sun and its easy-to-clean naturally glossy surface offers additional peace of mind.

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