Couple’s Enthralling Cinereal Townhouse by Elena Lapshina

Delivering a monotonously hued base, the color grey is well utilized throughout this design. This two-story house prides itself on the first-class opulence and flamboyant décor that nonetheless leaves visitors with awe and envy. Although not the typical romantic interiors expected from young couples, the furnishings command a sophisticated and masculine impression.

Accompanied by exclusive and stunning furniture pieces to engage the entire residence with a state-of-the-art kitchenette and dining experience; is a terrace, an extravagant living area, a monumental entrance, luxurious and definitely comfortable bedrooms, and lavish bathrooms.

Look out for the fine bonsai trees, an inimitable stair railing, a wall crafted so finely that it doubles as an art piece, wide towering windows that let in legions of natural light, soft carpeting, designer couches, and abstruse trinkets.

The architecture itself is considered objet d’art for its unique structural features that resemble a castle. This particular quality rouses an aristocratic experience for some.


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