11 Rustic Decorating Ideas Which You Will Instantly Fall In Love

Rustic decorations for your home is a beautifully simple style which makes your home look wonderfully cosy and charming. It also allows guests to your home feel welcomed and has an appealing lived-in look, which gives the impression that the family who lives there are just as warm as their home.

1. Farmhouse Decorations

Add a little rustic, country feel to your home with the addition of some unorthodox decorations such as a wagon wheel or even antlers. Whether you want it to be real or faux antlers, you decide for yourself!


2. Purposefully Old-Looking Paint

To really make your home have that lived in look, we suggest that you paint the walls with some paint designs that makes it look like it’s really old, but we know that it is actually part of the plan, for that perfect rustic vibe.


3. Copper-Toned Kitchen Hood

Nothing says rustic quite as exquisitely as the colour copper, and adding it to your kitchen makes it look truly homey, just like a kitchen that is meant to conjure all sorts of yummy for your tummy is supposed to look!


4. Simple Picnic Table

In keeping with the casual appeal of the rustic theme, try incorporating a picnic table as your dining table to bring a little of the outdoors into your home. Modify it to be bigger than average if you often find yourself playing host to dinner parties.


5. Liberal Usage of Wood

Use wood for your exposed beams, cabinets, kitchen island and even for the walls for that countrified look you are going for. But to keep things from being too boring, add a playful pop of colour to turn it into a more modern look.


6. Vintage Furniture

The rustic style calls for informality and adds a touch of retro farmhouse to the place, which is where antique looking furniture comes in. Bonus points if you manage to find vintage cutlery to fill your shelf.

7. Old-Fashioned Chandelier

We know chandeliers are naturally assumed to be rather imposing, usually placed at living rooms or entryways to make the house look more grand. But the juxtaposition of a vintage chandelier with a faded looking headboard in the bedroom simply screams country chic.


8. Standalone Bathtub

Don’t forget to transform your bathroom to keep with your rustic theme, by getting a gorgeous antique-looking bathtub that is perfect for that long, luxurious soak at the end of the day.


9. Mix Contemporary with Rustic

You don’t have to go full farmhouse to get that rustic effect, in fact, sometimes mixing and matching several styles together can give that old country chic a modern twist. Make your home less woodsy by adding contemporary elements such as clear plastic chairs to a rugged wooden table.


10. Use Wicker Accents

Don’t want too much hardwood in your home? Go for wicker decorations and furniture instead, which will look as good and is perfect for your rustic theme as well.


11. Mix and Match Chairs

The chairs for your wooden dining table don’t have to be uniform, mix and match different kinds together to make the look eclectic, yet refined. And paired together with a quirky chandelier that has clean, simple lines simply pulls the whole look together.


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