Featuring a distinctive vintage industrial look, the Huuk barbershop designed by Nu Infinity is definitely making waves with its unique interior concept

A stylish space located in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, the Huuk barbershop designed by Nu Infinity Sdn Bhd features an urban vintage backdrop complemented by an interesting combination of sophisticated details and retro décor. While its 400 sqft space has been creatively interpreted to mimic what we may see in English gentlemen barbershops, Huuk has also been given a strong contemporary edge, resulting in a vintage industrial interior.

“Space planning plays a big role in design, even in projects involving small built-up area as such. In this case, the shopfront was designed with a tunnel-arch entrance which comes with a large piece of clear glass, allowing the public to look into the shop,” the designers share.

Upon entering the space, customers are immediately treated to a bright and spacious hair studio where they can choose from a dozen of cosy chairs lined up across each other. Towards the wall, a long counter to hold salon equipment has been set up with huge mirrors over it.

“Smaller built-up area could bring greater challenges for designers. However, we have managed to utilize dead spaces from the odd-shaped lot into useful areas for extra storage and displays,” say the designers. “To ensure the professional service of the barbershopis well-presented to patrons, the general haircut area is strategically placed at the front portion of the lot. On the other hand, spaces such as VIP area and hair-wash area are kept at the back portion in relevance to its need for privacy.”

A harmony of different materials also plays an important role in bringing out the look and feel of the hair studio. For the floor, tiles with distinctive floral motifs are used; their white and grey tones standing out to give the entire a space a touch of visual aesthetic.

On the red brick feature wall, it’s kept bare but accommodates The Jadioc’s logo.The Jadioc is a range of men’s hair products that are available at Huuk. Huuk’s logo is once again displayed on a wooden background, which stands out against the small space accommodating a long glass-encased counter that displays a variety of hair products.

Framed photographs near the entrance also contribute to the overall outlook of the space, further enhancing the English-industrial ambience at Huuk.

“Industrial designs may be bold and overwhelming at times,” says the Nu Infinity team. “Therefore, our design intention was to only articulate this approach in minor detailing of the space, such as building materials and light fittings. In an overall context, the barbershop is designed to portray a well-mannered gentleman.”

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