5 Evolutionary Energy Saving Ideas to Patch Up the Holes in Your Pockets

Who doesn’t love to save every penny they have after so many sleepless nights and hard days of work? After learning that money doesn’t grow on trees (at least for many individuals who have to pull their own weights whether for themselves or for their families), you would want to save as much as you can so you can stretch it for a longer period of time. So, these energy saving ideas might save you your tears when you receive your monthly bills.

Let’s take a look at these 5 reputable ideas:

1. Keep Your Refrigerator Full

Did you know that the empty spaces in your fridge can drain energy as things go? Warm air replaces the vacant areas in your fridge every time you open and close the refrigerator doors, and it takes time and power to re-regulate the temperature. Keep it full but don’t overload it.

2. Beware Of The Vampire Power

Vampire power or the phantom load, sucks electricity even when you have turned your devices off. Make sure to pull out all plugs and devices (laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.) at the wall when you don’t need to charge or turn them on. Another option for bigger devices like your television, is to install a power strip to limit the power usage.

3. Install Motion Sensors

You can install motion sensors to your lights or other appliances you wish to save energy from. So when there is nobody in the room, it will automatically turn itself off without you (or someone else) having to do it manually. Saves everyone trouble, doesn’t it?

4. Self-Imposed Blackouts

You can enforce a blackout day for you and your household. That way you and your family can enjoy nature and/or even have some traditional fun like a bonding sport or planting some trees and plants around your home. It will even inspire an appreciation for something we so easily take for granted every day.

5. Large Mirrors In Your Living Room

Place a large mirror in your living room. The natural light will resonate and light up the room. Additionally, the mirror effect will also make your room look more spacious.


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