Dream Kitchen Ideas to Inspire You

Seeking high and low for the perfect kitchen? With Kubiq, it’s going to be a kitchen dream come true. Here are some trendy ideas to inspire you.

A simple colour change can update your kitchen in major ways. What makes colour trends different from year to year is how you put them together in fresh, inventive ways. The Color Kollektion from Kubiq, for example, allows you to personalise the design and style of your kitchen with modular shapes and colours, turning the room from drab to sophisticated, without overpowering the space. In addition to white, colours from the Color Kollektion (Aqua, Magenta, Yellow and Metallica) can also be combined with wood laminates for exciting outcomes!

Color Kollektion from Kubiq

Something to please homeowners seeking tasteful and contemporary style is an urban-styled kitchen which ingeniously combines colours with finishes to create clever contrasts and a trendy look. It suits the unconventional, one who loves the urban yet yearns for sleek design. If cosmopolitan living is your theme, the URBAN Kollektion complements you like no other. Modern and urban kitchen designs are making a return. Think sleek mat, handle-less, high gloss, and at times, industrial style features.

URBAN Kollektion from Kubiq

Young couples usually start off in apartments or small homes. But just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean that it won’t do a lot of work for you. With the right design, features and appliances, any kitchen can be made to feel like a larger space than it really is. At Kubiq, it is all about chic styling and functionality wrapped in an inviting ambiance of a home. Taking budget constraints into consideration, Kubiq’s kitchen designs fit seamlessly with almost any style that you already have in your home, and will show you ways to streamline design and maximize space.

Kubiq kitchen

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