7 Creatively DIY Towel Holder For Your Bathroom

So you look around your bathroom and feels that it looks rather boring, but you are not sure how to jazz it up. Then you spot the bland and ugly towel rack that is simply hanging there. Sure, it’s functional, but who says something useful can’t be easy on the eye too? Try these awesome DIY towel holder designs to enhance the look of your bathroom.

1. Rope Towel Holder

This design is so simple I don’t know why I haven’t done it before. All you need is some rope and a few of large screw eyes that you can feed the rope through. Space it according to your fancy, then put the rope through the eyes and just tie knots at both ends.


2. Ladder Towel Holder

Have an old ladder hanging around somewhere? Put it to good use by turning it into a towel rack. You can even paint or decorate the ladder to make it look prettier before giving it a new lease on life as a towel holder.


3. Picture Frame Towel Holder

Re-purpose old wooden picture frames that you have and make them into brand new towel holders. Clean it up from wherever you have dug it up and give it a coat or two of some nice paint. Hang it up and drape your towels through the empty frames. So easy!


4. Towel Rings

All you need for this chic towel rings is some wooden beads, metal rings, and leather straps. Thread the metal rings with the wooden beads that you have already painted a gorgeous colour, loop the leather strap to allow it to be hanged on a hook or nail.


5. Wood Towel Rack

Have an extra piece of wood hanging around? Sand it, stain it, or even paint it if you want then put it to use as a towel rack. Just nail some coat hooks firmly on it before using it.


6. Clothes Hanger Towel Holder

If you have extra clothes hangers eating up your space, turn them into your new towel racks! You can decorate them any way you fancy before turning them upside down and nailing them firmly in position. The hook can be used for hanging your bath towel while the bar can be used for your face towel.


7. Tree Hanging Towel Holder

This creative idea really changes your bathroom and makes it look whimsical but it actually is really simple to make. Just get wall stickers that looks like a tree and stick it on the wall, or if you are artsy enough, paint a tree yourself. Then, screw some sturdy hooks on the tree’s branches and voila, it is done!


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