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Inspirational Aircraft Home with a Nordic Touch

Located in Tainan City, Taiwan, Hao Design has initiated a fusion of aviation and traditional themes for those who have a passion for planes. Aircraft and airport elements are introduced throughout the house as requested by the owner. Upon request, the two concepts were taken into consideration: airplanes and airports, and a homely style. Blending these combinations together with an ensemble of Nordic motifs resulted in a modern-contemporary, industrial, warm, and sheltered aura. Evidently, applying the Nordic motifs have amplified the interior’s detailing in a positive way.

Other cool features include a metal sliding door that hides the bathroom from public eyes, minimally induced industrial details that were put aside for the bedroom, and the innovative shelving units lodged into innovative places.

Sky blue walls, white bricks, and the natural lighting from the wide squared windows furnish the home with warm sunlight and coziness. The harmonious union of the aviation décor and wooden themes spread throughout the house greets its dwellers upon entry.


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Photography by Joey Liu

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CH Feng Shui – The importance of ushering Qi from the main entrance is unparalleled. Dato’ Joey Yap shares with us on how to do it right

The entrance of your home or in Feng Shui terms – the Main Door – has to be able to embrace incoming Qi. This is because the entrance also acts as the key entry point or Qi Mouth for the home. Failing to tap into positive Qi from the get-go can bring about overall negative effects. Fear not, as I have a few tests that you can attempt in ensuring your entrance does not negatively or adversely affect the flow of Qi into your home.

Looking In
Try taking this test – stand outside your Main Door and look right in. If you happen to spot a door to a toilet or to another room directly from that position, it’s not a favorable setting for you. Qi that flows in will be directed into those rooms squarely, cutting off its circulation to other parts of the house.

Other aspects that beg for attention include the corner of walls or stairs situated directly in front of the Main Door. This could lead to a clashing of Qi from inside and outside, making the entrance not favorable for Qi. Mirrors facing the Main Door, contrary to popular belief, are perfectly fine and don’t have any effect whatsoever on Qi flow.

Looking Out
Try standing inside your house and look out from the Main Door. If you happen to see any objects like lamp posts or pillars obstructing the view from your door, then it could spell bad Qi for you. These features block the flow of Qi to your home and could cause the negative Piercing Heart Sha to your property.

In that same position, try to observe any alley or T-Junction leading directly to your entrance. Pay 100% attention to these features as they’re very negative to your property. They’ll cause catastrophic damage to your Qi and should be avoided at all costs.

Illuminate the Darkness
This final test is on brightness. To ensure good Qi continuously envelopes your property, you need to pay attention to the brightness of your entrance. If possible, try to eliminate any obvious foliage of thick trees from shading your entrance.

Shades will prevent sunlight from reaching your entrance and give birth to the negative Yin Sha. Here’s another point to bear in mind. When you enter the Main Door, do you feel damp, dark, or gloomy? This indicates a potentially overwhelming flow of Yin Qi in that area of your home. It’s best to avoid properties with these unfavourable features to deter any unwanted incidents from occurring.

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Couple’s Enthralling Cinereal Townhouse by Elena Lapshina

Delivering a monotonously hued base, the color grey is well utilized throughout this design. This two-story house prides itself on the first-class opulence and flamboyant décor that nonetheless leaves visitors with awe and envy. Although not the typical romantic interiors expected from young couples, the furnishings command a sophisticated and masculine impression.

Accompanied by exclusive and stunning furniture pieces to engage the entire residence with a state-of-the-art kitchenette and dining experience; is a terrace, an extravagant living area, a monumental entrance, luxurious and definitely comfortable bedrooms, and lavish bathrooms.

Look out for the fine bonsai trees, an inimitable stair railing, a wall crafted so finely that it doubles as an art piece, wide towering windows that let in legions of natural light, soft carpeting, designer couches, and abstruse trinkets.

The architecture itself is considered objet d’art for its unique structural features that resemble a castle. This particular quality rouses an aristocratic experience for some.


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