10 Amazing Minimalist Décor For Perfectionist Like Yourself

Minimalist concepts strip down to the most fundamental elements to achieve the highest simplicity in art and design, very much like the Bauhaus Movement that advises the truth to the materials. This movement inspired the characteristics of simplicity and the economical awareness that materials used should be presented in its most authentic form,  not hidden from its structural nature.

Much to be apprised about, the minimalist concept actually involves meticulous planning.

1. Minimalist Concept For The Bedroom

Embrace the simplicity of the space around you as you sleep worry-free. With a soft colour palate to clear your mind and soothe you into long deep sleep.

Modern Apartment in the Ski Resort Town of Menuires, France. (Design by h2o Architects, Photograph by Julien Attard).

Visualizer – KDVA Architects.

Visualizer – KDVA Architects.

Via – Up Interiors.


2. Minimalist Concept For Your Closet

The application of a walk in or open-plan closet is becoming more and more mainstream. Imagine the hassle of pulling out all your clothes to decide what to wear, and then stuffing it back inside. An open closet solves all of that.

3. Minimalist Concept For Your Kitchen

A place with multiple uses – cooking, washing up, and/or eating. The kitchen is often a place of stress and dread for many people. Turn that around and enhance your willingness to stay longer when it’s always clean and inviting.

4. Minimalist Concept For Your Hallway

Although minimalism indicates a strip down to the essentials, that does not discourage festivities for the lonely and empty hallway.

5. Minimalist Concept For Your Bathroom

6. Minimalist Concept For Your Storeroom/Attic/Pantry

Transform the empty spaces in your home for more storage, or to have your very own territory.

7. Minimalist Concept For Your Playroom

8. Minimalist Concept For Your Living Area

Primarily to relax and to entertain guests. Despite the minimalism theory of using basic colours, you could put some life into your walls, ceiling, or furniture.

Architecture by Luigi Rosselli Architects, Builder by Alvaro Bros, Photography by Justin Alexander.

9. Minimalist Concept For Your Dining Room

Where everybody gathers to kill their hunger.

Pictures curtesy of MUJI, Eight Design.

Pictures curtesy of MUJI, Eight Design.

10. Minimalist Concept For Your Entryway

The first entryway of your house is through the front door (most of the time). Personalize your entrance to compliment the entire interior image. After all, first impressions are very important!

SKYLINE (Build by Jon Luce, Photography by Paul Bardagjy ).

Tyrol Hills Modern Minimalist Entryway Photo in Minneapolis with Gray.


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