4 Simple DIY Tricks To Enhance Your Kitchen Makeover

You want a new look for your kitchen yet you aren’t willing to spend too much on them. You want something that you can do it by yourself but you haven’t got any ideas where you can start it and how. Kitchen makeover is actually a tedious thing one can comprehend but these days that is no longer an issue.

It’s about time for you to add your personal style to your beloved kitchen and adjoining eating area without spending a lot of money. Check out some of these easy DIY projects that you can simply learn to do it by yourself.

1.  DIY Vintage Beverage Station


You can turn the sturdy vintage crate with interesting shapes into a unique beverage station that you can enjoy with your relatives and friends. All you need to do is suspended the roll of Kraft paper with a spare rope just to showcase your latest drink offerings. That will make your audience’ eyes go wide.

2. DIY Dish Towel


Or you might want to turn the ordinary dish towel into a spectacular cafe curtain. First of all you need to cut and hem a dish towel to fit the window and dye them with your favourite colour. Then slice the potato in halves and make a design. Use the foam brush to apply the white fabric paint to the potato and later you will stamp it to your fabric. Repeat and then hang them with curtain clip.

3.  DIY Floral Linen Mat


Bring your kitchen into life with stunning homemade floral design. You can find free botanical photos online and print them on old book pages before you stamp it on a piece of linen mat. Fray the edges by pulling out these threads down to the stitched line, and then hang them on the kitchen wall using bulldog clips for a nostalgic effect.

4. DIY Kitchen Island


The best thing is saved or the last because I know everyone want to try it for themselves. Now you can also convert your TV entertainment centre into a real handy depot for cooking and baking tools just by removing the doors and complete the finishing with a coat of crisp blue paint. You’ll be amazed with how the end result will look like.

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