10 DIY Home Decor Ideas Which Cost You Nothing

Looking for a change of scenery? Are you tired of being surrounded by the same old, dull environment as you do everyday?

Don’t go on that expensive trip around the country, just Start Decorating!

You don’t need to spend a whole lot of money on vacation anymore, just give your home a makeover!

Here are some DIY Home Decor tips which you can do at home without spending a heck load on high-class interior design:


1.  Make A Quilt!


Have any old curtains lying around? Use it then!

Cut them up into smaller pieces and stitch them up again. Using different coloured curtains, you could design and make a fancy new quilt that’s both stylish and sophisticated. Your guests can observe and be pleased at your great patchwork skills.


When you’re done, hang it up on the wall or use it as a blanket!


2.  Closet Office


Want to set up a home office but not enough space for it?

Use a closet then! Not only you could save space but it gives your home a sense of characteristic and coordination.

Just put in some shelves, set up a table, and position your computer desktop into the closet. It’s that easy! After all that, sit back, relax, and enjoy surfing the net in your own closet!


3.  Change Your Lighting!


You will be surprised on what changing your lights can do to your home. (Don’t worry, it isn’t anything bad)

Sometimes by just changing a bright white light to a dawn-like, warm glow can change the ambiance and atmosphere of your room. It also gives a romantic feel during the evenings.

Mason-Jar-Chandelier 7-22-09masonjars2

Create your own DIY lamps!  Many possibilities could start from just a project on using recycle materials.

Have your kids join in the fun! They can play around with different kinds of designs and shapes, maybe even make one of their favourite Super Hero or Cartoon Character!

Get some black papers, beads, crystals, lace, or even coloured cotton balls for this fun and exciting project. And let your imagination run wild!


4.  Plants In Boots


Have any old boots you can’t wear anymore  lying around?

Clean them off and create a stylish flower pot  to hang on your garden fence! You can plant all types of growing plants in your boots, just don’t forget to prod some holes at the bottom to let the excess water flow out.


5.  Wine Box-Shelves


Having too many things around the house but no space to place them?

Use and old wooden wine boxes to make stylish shelves! Paint the box in your favourite colour or design, and install some shelves in to have it holding any random objects you want!

Use a big paper clip to attach it together.  This can also be your weekend project to  make a fancy new toy shelf for your kids!


6.  Fancy Fabric Panels



Have an empty wall and want to decorate it? Aren’t those empty shoe boxes you kept in your closet collecting dust for God-knows how long?

Well, look no further! Why not create your very own nifty fabric panels?

Cover the lids of your shoe boxes in colourful and stylish fabrics and hang it up on your wall! It’s as easy as one-two-three!

You will need :  – Some shoe boxes lids, PVC glue or Fabric glue, and some hooks.

Step 1  –  Using a pair of scissors, cut out a piece of fabric that is large enough to wrap around the lid.

Step 2  –  Paint the surface of the lid with PVC or Fabric Glue using a paintbrush, and place it onto the center of the fabric.

Step 3  –  Fold down the sides of the fabric and press it firmly down with your fingernail. Glue it to the side of

the shoe box lid.

Step 4  –  Lastly, drill some hooks into the wall and hang your fabric panel up. Make as many as you want and have your wall looking 50% more classier than usual!


7. Creative Mobiles

Picture 19

Paper Birds

Want to decorate your children’s room as well? Nothing is more classy and timeless than making your own DIY Mobile.

To make this charming little mobile, you will need :  – Some old photographs from your picture album, Super Glue, some fishing line for strings, and a few disposable bamboo chopsticks that are left over from your Chinese take out from the neighborhood restaurant.


Step 1  –  Take about four disposable bamboo chopsticks and glue them down in a criss-cross pattern. You can paint them in your favourite colour if you like.


Step 2  –  Tie four separate, different length fishing lines to the bamboo chopsticks and attach a photograph at each end of the line.


Step 3  –  When you’re done, hang it up above your baby’s cot, or child’s bed. They will love it as much as you do!


(Optional : Other than photographs, you could also substitute them with some origami cranes, or even pictures of cartoon characters. You could also opt to use more bamboo chopsticks for multiple mobiles)


8.  Oldie But Goodie


Do you own too many old CDs that can’t be played again and your CD case is getting full? You keep wondering what are you going to do with all of these scuffed plastic discs?

The answer is right here, just stick them on your wall right next to each other!  Old CDs make a stylish piece of art for your walls. You can also show your friends and your guests your large music collection by displaying them on the wall!


9.  Crayon Canvas


Want to hang some canvases but not sure what to draw? Why not try some melted crayon art?

Take some old crayons and tape them to the top of the canvas. Use a hair dryer to melt the crayons and let the wax slowly drip downwards to the end of the canvas. This makes a nice melted, yet colourful effect with the wax.


10.  Garden in the House

compai-plant-in-tiny-jars19 terrarium-plants-pot-dirt-590rr040810

Flowers are a nice touch to any house, especially fresh cut flowers. But what if you don’t have a vase to place them in?

No worries, an old jam or jelly jar should come in handy.

Get some beautiful flowers from your garden and fill a quarter of the jar up with water and use it as a vase! It will fit in nicely with the kitchen’s look and is small enough to be placed conveniently around the house.

You can also put in some kitchen herbs that you’ve collected from your garden to use in your daily cooking!


That’s all for now. Please kindly drop a comment if you have any great DIY Home Decor Ideas which you wish to share with us 🙂


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