5 Creatively DIY Decor For Your Bathroom Decoration

I was wondering if anyone is actually looking for some bathroom decorating ideas that will fit for someone on a budget. You might not want to revamp or makeover that will cost you huge amount of money, so we come up with these bathroom ideas that exclusively made just for you.

It is the right tie for you to start getting some cheap home decor from this ultimate list! Ready or not let’s check out few of these exciting hacks!

1. DIY Ruffled Shower Curtain


You can try to make trendy and fun accessories for your bathroom just by adding some layers of ruffles to your ready-made shower curtain. It will transform your boring bathroom into a lovely fairy tale inspired bathroom. Paired with a fancy lighting and now you have the perfect bathroom makeover in your house.

2. DIY Towel Holder


Searching for the right towel holder might be exhausting for some of you so we come up with the ideal do it yourself sort of towel holder that will not cost you a lot. For example you can try to update your boring towel hook with a really cheap frame and fabric so it will look like something from a rich man’s bathroom.

3. Ombre Dip Dye Tea Towels


This is where the fun takes off. You can do this all by yourself without spending a lot of money. All you need is the cotton towels and the Pearl Grey Rit Dye. Oh, and the other thing you need is just a little bit of your creativity to make them come true. It will make your bathroom feels more like a spring season once you step into it.

4. DIY Mirror Frame


Adding a frame to your normal unframed bathroom window will eventually transform the ordinary look of your boring bathroom into a classic and elegant atmosphere. You can choose from different frames which available at the stores nearby your home and add it yourself by following some of the easy tutorials provided.

5. DIY Candles


Candles are luminous when you lighten them up during the nighttime because it brings the sultry feeling to your bathroom and exudes romance. Depends on you, it is more preferable if you placed a scented candle since it refreshes the bathroom from unwanted odours. Besides it is where you feel very much relaxed.

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