Bellezza Ceramiche recently launched MarblePLUS, a new series of 10 porcelain marble tile designs that utilises a revolutionary technology

MarblePLUS, Bellezza Ceramiche’s latest porcelain marble tile series, features more than 10 unique designs of fine marble that were curated from around the world. This collection comprises: Ariston, which features distinctive colour and pattern variation, veining and natural movement; Volakas, a design inspired by the stone craftsmanship of Northern Greece; Serpegiante, a natural marble-like creation; Nero Ariston, which showcases a dark and mysterious colour scheme with sleek veining; Crema Marfil, known for its graceful, natural-looking veins; Royal Botticino, an organic coloured marble; Giallo Atlantide, a rich, warm hued design that exudes class; Pesco Carnico, which displays crisp graphics, colour variation and realistic veining; Bianco Travertine, an eye-catching variant with a luxurious aesthetic; and Roman Travertine, a natural beauty that exudes serene vibes.

Available in three large format sizes (60cm x 60cm, 60cm x 120cm and 80cm x 80 cm) and diverse surfaces – Natural, Satin Matt and Polished, this collection combines the classic beauty of marble with porcelain tiles and groundbreaking ceramic production technology.

Unlike regular porcelain tiles, which offer a typical replication of stone design on their surfaces, MarblePLUS tiles are printed using advanced Inkjet Infiltration Technology. Every marble design is deeply embedded into the tile and the infiltration is five times that of conventional inkjet products. This results in three dimensional-looking marble tiles that are realistic and durable in terms of colour and design.

MarblePLUS tiles combine the strength of full-bodied porcelain tiles and the richlydetailed designs of glazed porcelain tiles. Rated ‘7’ on the Mohs’ scale of hardness, MarblePLUS tiles are resistant to surface scratches, which usually occurs among glazed porcelain products. The sheer durability of a MarblePLUS product makes it a tile that can last for generations.

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