Id Commercial: Boutique Hotel that Blends Chic Comfort with Calm Neutrality

Applying a modernist concept with the right amount of restraint, the Design Base Interior Team has established a pastel-infused décor with touches of vibrancy via its furniture pieces.

Energetic yellow and hipster blue stand out among the mute tones – in the form of cushions, vases and framed artwork. Paired with wood panels and misty surfaces, the contrast they create lends an air of exquisite serenity to the atmosphere.

Dulux Colour Inspiration: Linen Wayside Inn | Ambiance Linen : 00YY 63/ 024 | Ambiance Pearl Glo : 00YY 63/ 024

From the lounge to the suites, the layout is dominated by clean-cut open spaces. Guests can simply breeze through the hotel without unnecessary walls cluttering their pathways.

This frees up room for creative furniture arrangement and decoration. For instance, the suite consists of a living hall, study and sleeping area that are attached to each other in one seamless and trendy setting – maximising space, convenience and functionality.

Project Info:

Design Concept Resort Modern

Location Ecovillage @ Meru Valley Golf Resort

Project Type Boutique Hotel

Interior Designer DB Interior Team

Tel +603 7880 9925



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