id Homes: Inspiring Vibrancy and Creativity echo throughout this Award-Winning Residence

For the perfect home to start anew, a fresh and fun-loving atmosphere is created in this 2-bedroom home at Secoya Residences. The crisp white palette of this home offers just the perfect ‘blank canvas’ for the design team to incorporate their finest ideas.

In the living area, which comprises the dining space and open kitchen, wood tones and browns on white dominate the clean layout. On the feature wall, the owner’s sports equipment becomes part of the decorative display, reflecting their passion for outdoor activities.

The creative touches that are prominent in every corner convey an inspirational mood that reflects the residents’ passion for outdoor activities.

Next to the kitchen, a timber counter is affixed to the sleek white counter, creating the breakfast bar that the owners use as their dining area. This counter is held up by a bicycle wheel, which adds on a dose of creative vibes to the whole setting. On the opposite wall, three-dimensional cut-outs resembling waves decorate the walls while timber dowels are arranged in such a way they create a console-like space for the owners to display their decorative items.

For the bedroom, a custom-designed bedframe is built with under-bed lighting, which creates a floating effect over the timber flooring. Again, everything is kept to an all-white theme here, resulting in a dreamy yet chic living space for the young family. View this home in 360 degree!


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