There are times where you will decorate your room once in a while just so that you can sleep blissfully. One of the ways that you could do it is by decorating and beautifies your room without having to buy anything new to add to your already cramping space.

You also have to look out what kind of decoration that will eventually look perfect and suitable for your kind of room. Besides that you also have to figure out how the decoration can make space in your room to look like a bit bigger than usual.

  1. Arrange The Space So It Looks Bigger


If you found out that your room space is a bit smaller than what you hoped for, you can still manipulate it through different techniques so it will appear a lot bigger than usual. For example, avoid anything that is made from plastic because it will eliminate the necessary space in the room and isn’t an ideal interior design item.

  1. Display Your Collection through Eye-Catching Design


You have your own growing collection of bags, shoes or maybe books? Why not show it off through a neat and clean arrangement that will display your collection in a vibrant way. Arrange it so that it can be one of the attractions for friends or relatives who are visiting your room once in a while that will take their breath away.

  1. Make Your Room Fancier with Lighting


Lighting plays an important role in a room because through their different designs, you can make it an essential decoration inside your usually dark room. Maybe you can use your Christmas lights decoration and put it over your bedposts or your dressing table, so that it makes quite an ethereal atmosphere.

  1. Portraits with Positive Vibes


Sometimes a word of encouragement can light up your life once in a while if you want to so print out some of the words of encouragement that you can find online and turned them into beautiful portrait to decorate your walls with them. At least it will help to brighten up your mood every time you find it.

  1. Make Use the Corner of Your Room for Reading


After you sort out the spaces, there is still a space left at the corner of your room. Arrange some pillows, carpet and bookcases there so that it will become a valuable space where you can spend your time reading your favorite books there. It doesn’t have to be fancy but enough so that you can enjoy your quality time.

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