Vibrant Colours and Textures Makes this Home in Kota Kemuning an Energetic Abode

The first element that catches the eye is the living hall’s textured wall display. Its silvery-grey stone 3D-like motif sets up the ideal backdrop to complement the vibrant blue window shades, red sofa and minimalist furnishing. The ambience also exudes flashes of glamour via its gold ornament, timepiece-inspired table design and dainty spotlights.

Glamorous Yet Serene : The window shades and sofa’s vibrant colours lend an air of zestfulness to the understated and chic surroundings, culminating in a home that is both glamorous and tranquil.


The hexagonal reflective decor on its pastel kitchen walls accentuates the contemporary feel, with meticulously crafted hanging lights and intricate detailing illuminating the home. Dark wood-based cabinets and graceful paintings are blended into the environment to create a residence that is both chic and elegant. Further contemporary touches can be seen in the dining space, where a sleekly designed dining table and bar stools await its residents.


Energetic Inspiration : This home features vivid lighting and distinctive mirror wall decors – providing its residents with inspiring vibes as well as a comfortable and stylish abode.


In the bedroom, the lighting and furniture are tinged with a serene blue shade, making it the perfect space for rest and rejuvenation, as well as quiet productivity. The desks and shelves are seamlessly conjoined with the walls. Metallic finishes on the decor provide the whole place with an air of sophistication. The carpeting is equally refined, completing the room’s aura with its misty grey hue.



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