5 Spacious Walk-In Wardrobe Ideas for Those Who Love Clothes

Do you have so many pieces of clothing that they seem to be buried deep in your closets or cupboards? Perhaps it’s time for a walk-in wardrobe. Here five that have been designed to offer you ample space to store your favourite outfits and accessories while giving you extra room to dress yourself.

1 White and Wide
This walk-in wardrobe engages a sleek white palette and mirror surfaces to open up the space. Complemented by the designer pendant lamp which casts a warm glow over the space, the addition of an island for the owners to store their jewellery also provides a strong visual anchor within the space.

Interior design by: Gusto Design & Build

2 Perfect Alignment
Lining up an open wardrobe system against the wall is a wonderful way to create more space inside a walk-in wardrobe. Make full use of the vertical space by stacking up shelves that you can use to store your travel gear and other seasonal clothing.

Interior design by: X Two Concept Sdn Bhd

3 Smart Corners
If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, consider installing built-in wardrobe systems. Also make use of any available corners – for example, you can turn a corner into a vanity area. Having a mirror at awkward corners can also create the illusion of a larger space.

Interior design by: Metrics Global Sdn Bhd

4 Mirror, Mirror
We love how the shelves which function as a vanity top is set against the floor-to-ceiling mirror-wall – this gives the owner plenty of mirror surfaces to use while enlarging the space. This walk-in wardrobe is also placed right next to the master bathroom, creating an easy flow between two spaces.

Interior design by: Homlux Interior Furnishing Sdn Bhd

5 Up Close and Personal
To keep walk-in wardrobes clutter-free, it’s ideal to use doors on your wardrobe or closet. In this space, for example, everything is closed up which creates a streamlined yet elegant look. Instead of standalone mirrors, the designers also opted for mirror surfaces as part of the panelling which give the room a sleek and reflective effect.

Interior design by: Latitude Design Sdn Bhd

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