The CHi Fitness centre at Atria incites a sense of high performance within a stylish and colourful space

There’s definitely something very inspiring and invigorating about the CHi Fitness centre at Atria designed by SOD Concept Studio Sdn Bhd. With its predominant bright red accent colour taking the lead, this gym offers fitness enthusiasts a highly energetic space to work out in.

Just before the entrance, a series of frame-like elements line the walls in an undulating manner, which works wonders to draw the eye immediately to the reception area where the centre’s glowing logo is. From here, a modern Asian appeal takes over within the open spaces that accommodate the lounge area. Inspiring quotes are used as decorative features on the walls donning different kinds of textures. Throughout, a bright and bold approach is used to create a lively ambience, motivating gym buffs to achieve their fitness goals.

To keep to the centre’s overall vibrant minimalist concept, the entire space is kept spacious and clutter-free but there is clear distinction between different spaces within the fitness centre. For example, rooms have been sectioned out using a variety of decorative features to accommodate classes while lounge areas are kept bright and airy. Different work out spaces are also done up using a palette of different colours.

“The colour palette and material selection ensure everything works cohesively as a whole,” say the designers. “Here, exercise equipment and machines blend seamlessly with the rest of interior design of the fitness centre.”

For the ceiling, three dimensional frames similar to the ones used for the external walls are installed overhead from the resting areas to the cardio section. This creates a sense of continuity with the overall design concept while giving the space a stronger outlook that attracts users immediately.

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