Global Homes | RETRO REVOLUTION: Riviera-inspired spaces take centrestage in these stunning sea-fronting apartments

On the seafront in the stunning Larvotto area of Monaco, are two apartments that young, talented interior designers Humbert & Poyet have transformed into a unique space. The duo had the privileged opportunity to work with an unusually large space in such an expensive area and they grabbed this with both hands.

“By reflecting our vision of the Riviera lifestyle, the aim of the project is to be timeless while exuding discreet luxury,” say the designers. “The building is straight out of the ’70s, with a ceramic mosaic façade. It is the perfect link to an interior inspired by the iconic images of Monaco, Palm Beach and Palm Springs by Slim Aarons.”

Much like directors, Humbert & Poyet treat spaces like stage designs, aiming to create different emotions within a single location. Inspired by the blending of French and Italian style that takes place on the Riviera, Humbert & Poyet wanted a mix of legendary French pieces from the 50s along with vintage Italian furniture. The resulting design is one of measured sobriety, punctuated with touches of bright colour, printed wallpapers influenced by plants and breath-taking exterior views out over the Mediterranean.

From the Art Deco-styled lobby complete with red terrazzo flooring and smartly dressed members of staff the private elevators bring you into the apartment with a beautiful collection of mirrors to greet you, all designed by Emil and Christophe themselves.

“The challenge of the project was the blending of beautiful 20th century furniture from galleries around France with contemporary new pieces and bespoke designs,” the designers share.

Walking through the apartment, two sconces by Safarti Jeanneret and two chairs that express the Franco-Italian marriage of styles beckons you towards the heart of this apartment. The 60 sqm living room is filled with innovative furniture and objects; however these contemporary pieces fill the room naturally, with grace and without becoming formulaic and too precious.

Photography by Francis Amiand

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