id Homes: An Inspiring Personal Sanctuary

Airy Ambience ; Elongated windows and natural lighting provide this residence with a refreshing, breezy vibe.

Spending daytime at this Lee Residence bungalow is a wonder to behold. At over 7,000 sq ft, this modern contemporary home designed by Nu Infinity offers a bright and airy experience from every angle. 

Through incorporating vast windows and glass roofs, natural daylight is brought into the home in a uniform manner, casting an uplifting aura into the living spaces to enhance the ambience.

Complementing the interior décor is a collection of pastel toned decorations and furniture. Wooden elements and exposed bricks further enhance the natural, earthly effect. Against an elegant palette of exquisite materials, everything has been meticulously selected to afford a luxurious touch.

Amidst the breezy atmosphere, dark pillars, cabinets, and seats add a touch of class. In the bedrooms, the temptation to take an afternoon nap has never been this strong. All it takes is a plush bed and a trip to la la land beckons.

At twilight, yes, you would have to turn on the lights, but the ambience here is just as enchanting – with stars sparkling in the night sky above. Sunshine enjoys a breather while moonlight takes its place, enveloping the home with a soothing glow. 

So whether it’s day or night, this is truly the sanctuary to be in. 


T +60 016 626 1214 / +6012 387 5838

F +603  7772 5550



FB  /nuinfinitystudio

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