KANSAI PAINT’S 2017 Inspiring Colour Trends for Modern Spaces

In a multi-sensory world, the role of colour in balancing our environment becomes ever more significant.

All of us are inspired by what we see, hear, touch and feel. This year, Kansai Paint has once again partnered with international colour trend forecasting company Colour Hive, the experts behind MIX Magazine with the latest colour trends for 2017. Here are four colour trend stories to inspireyou:


In an increasingly noisy, fast paced world, we look to our colour of the year for calm. In the Mood is a complex and soothing neutral, with an earthy, soft pink-toned base. As natural light enhances the shade, so too do natural materials. Woods and textiles complement it’s cocooning qualities while succulent foliage brings a freshness and connection to the earth creating an airy escape.



In a decisive, controlled and naturally gender-neutral palette Anonymous is stripped back to basics. With an anchor of hushed darks, the blend of harmonious mid-tones is highlighted with an architecturally inspired cool metallic. High gloss, iridescence and mirror effects give glass-like reflectiveness while blended and gradient paint effects add depth in an uncomplicated, modern space.



Rich and multi-layered, Terrain draws inspiration from the warm earth and the topography of the natural world while relishing the security of the hearth and home. The saturated, highly pigmented palette is harmonious. Each shade is designed to be applied in both tonal and contrasting combinations revealing a spectrum of cool depths and uplifting sunrises.



A fractal environment is captured in Prism and distilled into a considered sequence of vibrant, and vocal colours. Layered, linear and graphic patterns have a sense of dynamic motion and are shown to best effect on a silent, sympathetic scape. The spectral nature of Prism favours transparent and demiopaque acrylics and glass in supporting accessories to illuminate this newly ordered environment.



Authenticity is the heartbeat of Pause; the tonal simplicity of the palette sets a mood of calm and reflection. Comforting cosmetic shades balanced with airy blue-greys and meditative neutrals are timeless and uncomplicated with echoes of the elegant beauty of centuries old Japanese art. Tactile unadorned finishes and humble scapes are bonded with a raw, powerful yet elegant gilded metallic.


Need more inspiration? Discover the full colour range from Kansai Paint. 

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