id homes: The Charm of a White Interior

When it comes to elegantly beautiful residences, this 3-storey home could possibly be the fairest of them all. Every inch of space exudes an aura of refined charm, thanks to Homlux Interior Furnishing’s combination of light pastel tones, dainty furniture and reflective décor.

The first thing that catches the eye is the mirror finishing on various parts of the walls and ceilings.Gaze upon these crystal-clear glass surfaces and one would notice how well they reflect the interior surroundings’ beauty.

From the sofa in the living room to the dining space and onwards to the upper floor, white dominates almost every component. Be it shades of brilliance or a more muted palette, this particular colour has been masterfully applied.

Its exquisite qualities are made even more prominent when the designers intertwine touches of steel, marble and wood with the other elements. The end result is a house of unparalleled elegance. View this home in 360 degree!

Pastel Elegance : From the colour scheme to furnishing, subtlety is the key motif here.



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