id Homes: Simple Ways to Create a Modern Minimalist Home


An uncluttered living space like this home in Jenjarom is a reflection of the owner’s wellbeing. Free from complex furnishing and unnecessary décor, the mind, heart and soul are at ease at all times.


Space, Space, Space : The minimalist concept accentuates the spaciousness of the home.

The sense of peacefulness is heightened by a subtle application of colours. Various shades of white, grey and brown are applied to the walls and furniture. Beneath the illumination of equally refined lighting, the effect is a feast for the eyes.

Minimalist spaces like these are ideal for gatherings, should the resident wish to share the house’s therapeutic qualities with family and friends.

1 Yayasan-12
There’s ample space in the living room, dining area, kitchen and its 5 bedrooms – enough to accommodate legions of guests. A key highlight is the expansive sofa in the hall: it offers plenty of seating room without the chunkiness that usually comes with large furniture.

As you can see, almost every element here is vast yet elegant. That’s the magic of minimalist design. To clear the mind, some visit the seaside. Others turn to parks with open fields. As for this residence’s inhabitants, all they have to do is to simply go home.  View this home in 360 degree!


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