id Homes: Elegance Serene Home to Rest Your Body and Soul

Puncak Alam-1

Located in Aquila @ Alam Sutera, Bandar Puncak Alam, this 2-storey home has just undergone Craftsmen Valley’s wondrous treatment. Step right in and your senses… your sight… your mind are in for a treat.

Puncak Alam-8

Stroll through this residence and one word comes to mind: elegance. Sleek outlines complement graceful curves, with a palette of grey, cream, brown and black adding to its sophistication. Like a ballet dancer moving to the rhythm, these elements glide across the hallways – immersing the living room, dining area, kitchen and bedrooms upstairs in tranquillity.

Puncak Alam-29

Puncak Alam-35

However, residents can look forward to more than just a conventional serene space. For instance, the calmness in the living room is enlivened by a decorative element near the sofa, where vibrant illumination glows. In another bedroom, light bulbs shine like stars in the sky. In the family leisure area, a bright pink shelf with unconventionally shaped storage spaces and colourful carpeting balances the tranquil ambience with a touch of zest. This place features a table design of two different heights that are suitable for both adults and children, making it an ideal spot for parents and their kids to spend quality time together. The whole family can enjoy reading, learning and play sessions here.

Puncak Alam-37

Thanks to this dash of vivid colours among the furnishing and décor, a unique living experience awaits.

Craftsmen Valley

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