The Perfect Gift Every Time – Samsung Unboxes the Wonders of Home


Show your loved ones how much you treasure them this holiday season; but getting the right gift can be a bit of a challenge. From jewellery to designer bags and clothes, there are endless possibilities for a gift. But what is that one special gift your loved ones can cherish and appreciate the longest time? Samsung invites you to unbox the wonders of a harmonious and cosy home with your loved ones this holiday!


Give your loved ones the chance to start their mornings this holiday with fresh, cool and clean environment with the help of Samsung’s Triangle Air Conditioner and Air Purifier. The Triangle Air Conditioner’s unique triangular design comes with improved cooling performance, capable of repelling heat quickly and spreading cool air further all around your abode. This makes it a great addition into your home where you can enjoy the rest of the day doing fun indoor activities and retire comfortably to bed at the end of the day without worrying about the unpredictable weather and temperature.


If your loved ones crave for cleaner air at home that is free from dusts, viruses and allergens, Samsung’s Air Purifier works marvellously to protect your home and your family with its 4-steps purification system and Double Smart Sensor that monitors the real time air quality. It automatically adjusts itself to effectively purify the air around you. Together, the pair makes a very cool set of gifts that can definitely add more comfort to your home!


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