Extraordinary design that’s you’ll be KARE-zy about!

kare-cocktail-retro-look-60ies-moebel-einrichtung  The nonconformists, the fashionistas, the hedonists and the non-traditionalists in terms of social diagrams, all of them united in their demand, to live in any other way but normally. That’s the promise of the KARE brand, a name synonymous with decoration of living areas in private homes, offices, bars and hotel with the use of outstanding furniture light or accessories.


KARE represents impact making furnishing ideas and out-of-the-ordinary design – as unique and individual as any of its customers, and at a surprisingly favourable price. With this vision and a never-ending variety of new furniture, lamps and accessories – far removed from interchangeable mass-produced goods – KARE is conquering the affections of design enthusiasts all around the world.

KARE’s presence in Malaysia has certainly tantalized and aroused the interest of Malaysians with a strong passion and flair for innovative designs with a difference. Here, you’ll find sideboards or side tables, dressers, tables or armchairs, chandeliers or table lamps, vases and thousands of other decorative ideas – with a range of around 6,000 products and 2,000 new products a year we fulfill everyone’s desire for a beautiful home.

Our customers benefit from decades of furnishing experience, while the innovative planning tools which have been developed especially for KARE enable any furnishing dream to be visualised accessibly. KARE offers the KARE augmented reality furnishing app, detailed 3-D spatial planning, home consultancy, the development of colour concepts, aids to decision-making in selecting materials, help with removal operations and tried-and-tested tips on effective furniture care.

With the downturn of the economy this year, KARE Malaysia also provides a FREE Interior Design Consultation for purchases made above RM5000 to cushion the blow of heavy professional services at exorbitant costs. KARE also provides FREE delivery and installation of furniture for the same purchases above RM 5000.

With its furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories the international furniture company has a flair for identifying the needs of customers who are looking for imaginative furnishing concepts well away from everyday conformity. KARE CEO and Creative Director Jürgen Reiter reiterates that as he says “Those who are really bold rely on spontaneity and their gut feeling!”


KARE has managed like no other brand to identify style icons, upcoming trends and innovations in furniture design. Every season the KARE trend scouts and creative spirits under the management of Jürgen Reiter, one of the two founders and owners, create furnishing worlds which are everything but boring.

Step into the KARE outlet at One Utama Shopping Centre and be mesmerized with what’s to offer. In conjunction with Christmas, there’s also a Shiny X-mas Sale from 13th Dec 2016 – 1st Jan 2017.


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