id Homes: Tastefully Sleek

There’s something very elegant about dark bold features on a clean white backdrop. As seen in this stylish home, black on white is a classic and timeless look that simply exudes styl e and sophistication. Whether its black cushions on a white sofa, or clean black lines on the ceiling and walls, the combination creates a sleek and chic look that flatters the interior.



Luscious textures are layered onto the interior in this home, bringing a softer element to the space. In the lounge, a shimmery champagne coloured rug beautifully furnishes the space with a cosy and comfy touch, whilst thick throws and textured cushions adorn the sofa. With the addition of the huge painting in the lounge, a casual and arty vibe is brought into this chic space.


Keeping things in line with the tastefully chic interior, the dining and kitchen areas radiate with beauty and style. A gorgeous marble kitchen is paired with nude coloured kitchen cabinets, giving it a very contemporary and slick look. Simple yet still stylish, the basic dining table is surrounded with plush chairs to bring comfort to the area. All the suave features in this space contrast the slate wall, which adds an edgy tone to the refined and classy interior.




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