Bank interiors are usually designed to be customer-oriented, practical and functional. For instance, in Taiwanese banks, the traditional experience for customers has always been a passive one until digital banking brand, Koko spearheaded ready devices that are easy for customers to use, making the experience within banks more interactive. To enable the experience, Koko spaces are included into Cathay United Bank outlets. Commissioned to design the Koko commercial space is Taiwanese designer Cheng-Chen Chen of Chen Interior Design.


“We are trying to break the existing impression of banks by extending the levels of the space and employing the elimination of cold colour which resembles the atmosphere in a hospital’s waiting room,” Chen says. “We used a lot of wood features in this design to offset the atmosphere of Taiwan’s banks which tend to be passive for customers.”


While the design of the space is a vibrant one, everything was kept clean and contemporary with emphasis on comfort and user-friendly features.

“We have built up an open space to divide each functional area,” shares Chen. “There are no complex decorations; what we wanted is a comfortable space. We replaced traditional marble countertops to wood counters. The open waiting areas are also complemented by comfortable sofas so that customers can have a relaxing experience here. The point of this design is to make people feel at home. Additionally, we also put in a magnetic loft-style blackboard design.”


A lower countertop has also been included while grilled ceilings were employed to widen the vertical spatial impression. Here, black and white feature walls infuse a lively tone to the functional areas which take on a wood-dominant palette.


dsc_0812chen_shi_This commercial space has recently won the A’Design Award in the Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category, 2015 – 2016.

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