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HIGOLD Outdoor Furniture was officially established in2005 with rattan collections as the main products, strive to provide high quality collections      and      services based on the motto “Live the Excellent Life”.     HIGOLD ideology on providing a better choice for the outdoor furniture market gives the target market a better reason to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle which we both agree will create a healthy and satisfying lifestyle.

Originally born in China, HIGOLD started to arise in becoming the top choice of outdoor Originally born in China, HIGOLD started to arise in becoming the top choice of outdoor strong R&D team consisting of European and Australian designers, robotic welding machine and fully automatic spray-line finishing process in furniture manufacturing, HIGOLD managed to attained ISO 9001 quality management system certificate which automatically proving their competency as a world class outdoor furniture manufacturer.

HIGOLD          manage  to         won designers heart when they have been awarded with multiple international design honour such as RedDot Award for their‘Shenzhou X’ collection. Inspired by the Shenzhou X’s spacecraft re-entry module, a symbolic sacred auto that lead people to a future of outdoor lifestyle.

In the continuous effort for design and innovation, HIGOLD has team up with a group of international designers such as Nicolas Thomkins, who has been in the field for decades and other three renowned designers from Germany, Italy and Australia. Their collaboration have created more than 300 patented outdoor furniture product. Among these exclusive patented collections that they has produced are such as Airport, Amigo, Bowie, Clark, Diamond, York and many more.

HIGOLD offers you with eye-catching furniture for patio’s, terraces, gardens, swimming pools or conservatories; perfect for you to relax, meet, work or dine. With original designs, unique details, smart solutions, the highest quality wickers and durable fabrics, these are the hallmarks of the design collection of excellent outdoor. Thus, there will be no question on how HIGOLD has been choose in decorating famous hotel chain such as Hilton and Sheraton!

So what are you waiting for? Spread the news to the world and let them enjoy these award winning brand! Just remember that LECIO will always be here to help you finding great design for your outdoor living lifestyle.



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Perabot Rotan Berkualiti dari China kini di Lecio


HIGOLD Outdoor Furniture, sebuah perusahaan perabot rotan dari China menjanjikan produk berkualiti tinggi hasil kerja pasukan R&D, pasukan pereka yang turut disertai pereka Eropah dan Australia, menggunakan mesin kimpalan robotik, semburan automatik untuk kemasan terbaik dalam pembuatan perabot rotan, HIGOLD telah memperoleh sijil sistem pengurusan kualiti ISO 9001  membuktikan kecekapan sebagai pengeluar perabot outdoor berkelas dunia.

Jenama ini berjaya memenangi hari pereka ketika dan dianugerahkan pelbagai pengikhtirafan reka bentuk antarabangsa seperti Anugerah RedDot untuk koleksi ‘Shenzhou X ‘ yang iilhamkan oleh modul kapal angkasa Shenzhou X.

Usaha berterusan membangunkan inovasi reka bentuk perabot rotan, HIGOLD menjalin kolaborasi bersama kumpulan pereka antarabangsa seperti Nicolas Thomkins selain pereka terkenal dari Jerman, Itali dan Australia. Kerjasama ini telah berhasil mencipta lebih daripada 300 produk perabot outdoor dipatenkan. Antaranya koleksi eksklusif Airport, Amigo, Bowie, Clark, Diamond, York dan banyak lagi.

HIGOLD menawarkan pengguna perabot outdoor menarik perhatian untuk patio, teres, taman-taman, kolam renang atau conservatory; sempurna untuk berehat, bertemu, kerja atau menjamu selera. Reka bentuk original, hiasan unik, rotan berkualiti tinggi dan fabrik tahan lama, ia adalah campuran mencipta koleksi rekaan sangat baik. Oleh itu, tidak hairan apabila HIGOLD telah dipilih menghias rantaian hotel terkenal seperti Hilton dan Sheraton!

Jadi tunggu apa lagi? Lawati showroom LECIO dan dapatkan koleksi ini untuk taman anda!

The post Perabot Rotan Berkualiti dari China kini di Lecio appeared first on Malaysia Interior Design, Home-living Magazine.

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