Dining Room Special: Dining In Style

Satiate your style cravings with these dining spaces that range from modern contemporary to classically colourful.dining-special-q1
Designed by | Q1 Interior Concept

Zesty Fest
This dining room is all fun and futuristic – thanks to the lime green ceiling detail that comes complete with an orbit-like pendant light. With the use of a round table and simple black chairs, the dining area sets off a youthful vibe without trying too hard. Definitely a great place for friends to get together for a lively feast!

Designed by | Dewani Interior Design (M) Sdn Bhd

Tips: Round tables are suitable for tightly-fitted spaces as it offsets straight angles or linear forms. Designers usually like installing a circular ornamental piece over round tables to anchor the space further. If that’s too much for you, consider just using pendant lamps or chandeliers.


Art Spark
While the long rectangular dining set exudes a slightly formal appearance, the colourful art on the wall in this narrow dining hall changes the mood to a livelier one. A kitchen island is also used at the edge of the table to punctuate the long rectangular form. To keep things absolutely clean and clutter-free, the designers flushed the appliances towards the wall, maintaining a sense of spaciousness.

Designed by | Nu Infinity Sdn Bhd

Tips: With narrow dining spaces, it’s ideal to keep it free from clutter. The use of linear elements works well here – but don’t overdo it. Keep things vibrant by using artwork or interesting lamps to prevent the space from getting too constricted.

Chic Simplicity
dining-special-anaSet against a minimalist backdrop, this dining area employs plush textures and designer lighting to bring about a touch of warm elegance, resulting in an easy going space to hold vibrant dinner parties.

Designed by | A&A Concept Design & Contract Sdn Bhd

Tips: To brighten up dining tables, use bold and cheerful colours like sea blues or ruby reds complemented by white crockery, glassware and chrome accessories.

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