id Commercial: Heng Hiap Industries Sdn Bhd


Designed to break away from the monotony and starkness we see in many run-of-the-mill workspaces, this office is given an energizing blend of modern and industrial to create an environment that encourages productivity in a refreshing way.


The layout is kept clean and clutter-free – throughout the office, only minimal decorative details were used. Spaces take on a raw look, thanks to the integration of cement finishes, neutral palettes featuring greys, beiges and whites along with timber flooring.

Everywhere, creative details are strategically placed to visually demarcate spaces while offering  a touch of aesthetic.


In the upper management’s rooms, the spaces are bright and airy to offer a conducive environment to work in.


Project name: Interior Work To Create A New Office Space For Heng Hiap Industries Sdn Bhd
Location: Tanjung Langsat, Johor
Build-up size: 6,600 sq ft
Project type: Offices
Architect / interior designer: Homlux Interior Furnishing Sdn Bhd
Tel: +607 2413 341
Fax: +607 2411 987

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