The Significance Of Aquariums In Feng Shui

Feng Shui consultants have been using water for Feng Shui purposes for centuries. Its versatility makes it easy to apply in any property and can be used without having to modify or renovate the building. Hence, when it comes to proofing the home from Sha Qi (negative energy), water is usually the first choice of defence used by Feng Shui consultants.

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The two main components that make up Feng Shui is the literal translation of it which is Wind and Water. It is true that water is indeed a vital element in the aspect of Chinese Metaphysics as it is also widely represented for its Yang quality. This is due to the fact that the teachings of Feng Shui highly regard the importance of Yin Yang, the law of balance and harmony.

The Yang aspect which is represented by water is meant to garner and gather Qi which will then be contained by the water. Water in the same sentiment, can be used as a barrier or to direct Sheng Qi (positive energy) and diffuse Sha Qi.

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As a Yang component, water naturally relates to the movement and as such is useful to activate and circulate Sheng Qi. Water itself does not produce Qi, only the Yin component of Feng Shui such as mountains, produce and radiate Qi. Therefore, the Qi produced by the mountains will be carried down by the wind, collected by the water which gives movement to the Qi when the water flows.

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Feng Shui consultants would commonly recommend an aquarium due to its aesthetics rather than a water-storage receptacle which is not as pleasing to the eyes. Apart from its aesthetic qualities, an aquarium is also transparent and mainly opened at the top which complies with the requirements needed for this element to be fully functional as a Feng Shui aspect. The Qi in the water can be kept activated by placing fish or a water pump in the tank; this is to ensure that the water moves and to prevent it from becoming stagnant. Moreover, aquariums can be installed with ease anywhere without much maintenance problems. All this said, though, one is highly encouraged to consult a Feng Shui professional to perform a proper inspection for the location and ideal direction of the water placement in your property to ensure the best results.

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